How to play football?

Most guys love to play with a ball in their childhood. And many in adult life does not change their addiction, and even make a career on this. But how to play football so as not to fall into the dirt with your face in front of your comrades? First you need to learn the basic rules that every team player must know.

2 teams take part in the game, the number of players is at least 7 and at most 11 people, including the goalkeeper. Each participant of the game has its own functions of a common intention. The goalkeeper protects the gate from hitting the ball, the defenders play near their gates, the midfielders - in the middle of the field, and the attackers - near the opponents' goal.

The football field has the shape of a rectangle, and in the middle is divided into a special marking, in the center of which a circle is drawn. On each half of the field there are gates and penalty areas are marked, and flags are put in the corners. Outside the field there is a technical area, where during the game there are coaches and substitute players.

It is mandatory that the referee, who will control the observance of all the rules by the players, must be present on the field.In the case of various violations, the judge may apply certain sanctions to the player or team for non-compliance with the conditions of the game. On TV, many of you could see the judge showing a yellow or red card. If one and the same player gets 2 yellow or 1 red card per match, then this leads to his disqualification until the end of the game.

The football match itself lasts 2 times for 45 minutes and has a 15 minute break, after which the teams change sides of the field.

A goal is considered to be scored if the ball crossed the line of enemy gates. Wins the team that scored more goals for 2 times. In case of a tie, extra time is assigned.

To learn how to play football, you should know what you CAN'T do during the game. These are: beat and push an opponent, touch the ball with your hand, except the goalkeeper, and interfere with the goalkeeper. For violations of the rules of the game, penalties such as a warning, removal from the game, penalty or free kick are applied.

There is also a corner kick. It occurs if the ball went beyond the goal line from a player from the team that is defending.

Building tactics takes not the last role in the game, and is divided into 2 types: attack and defense.First of all, it is necessary to evaluate rivals and choose a more suitable tactic. The essence of the attack lies in the active planting of enemy gates. And only with an unforeseen mistake or a corner kick, is there a chance of a counterattack from opponents. In order to carry out such a maneuver, passes must be worked out and accurate, and the attacker has no right to slip.

Offside uses zone protection or personal custody. The peculiarity of the “zonal” is that its own part of the field is conditionally divided into a personal zone for each player, which he is obliged to protect. And its minus is in the absence of a safety net. The failure of one player leads to a problem in the entire team. Still, how good it is to play football when there is someone to rely on.

With personal custody, the attacker is assigned to the individual defender, which he does not lag behind during the whole game. As in any scenario, there also exists its “BUT”. Unlike attacking players, “offsiders” should not leave their own half of the field.

To play football with friends correctly, knowledge of the theory is not enough. You should constantly keep yourself in shape, go jogging, stabilize breathing.

If the fear of the accumulation of a large number of people does not leave you, then you should first try to start training only with a friend. This will help add confidence and learn basic maneuvers. Take the ball and pass it alternately for 15 minutes, then learn how to produce passes in motion. Do not forget about the rest, so as not to immediately restart your body and give it to get used to the loads. When you manage to improve your skills and overcome the fear of the ball, try to go on the field and then you will notice that you have become better to play football than originally.

If the game lacks sufficient physical fitness, you can try to play mini-soccer. Unlike conventional football, small is very convenient because it does not require a large field size. The minimum size can be 24 meters by 12 meters. And the rules are very similar. The composition of the team depends on the size of the field and ranges from 4-8 people in each. Moreover, players can change during the whole game an unlimited number of times.

If during the game the ball flew out of the sideline, then it is thrown into either side from the place where the line crosses.Due to limited space, the division of the team is actual. That is, the role of attacking is played by defenders and vice versa.

How to play futsal? In mini-football, in contrast to the big one, several tactics are used: custody in the zone, personal and combined. Guardianship in a zone is when a defender interferes with any opponent who is in his zone. Personal custody will be called if a player from one team resists a certain player from another team. When combined ward is used a mixture of two previous tactics. To learn how to play football well, don't forget about the rules. In the case of guardianship, you should stand behind and slightly to the side of your opponent in order to better see him and the ball. You also need to remember that if one of the players, being near his goal, comes into custody for the ball, there must be a safety net from the partners.

The fastest and most effective way to learn football will be to sign up for special team training with a coach. He will be able to find a personal approach to every athlete and determine a place for him in the team. And a great desire and overwork will show the desired result.Constant training is the key to success for every player of any level, from beginner to professional. Because without them, a world-class athlete will easily lose their skills.

And in parallel with the workouts, the video with football games will help to consolidate success. Looking through them at home, it is necessary to absorb something new every time, and then work it out with a trainer.