How to play GTA multiplayer?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
January 27, 2015
How to play GTA multiplayer?

Grand Theft Auto, GTA (GTA) - a series of popular video games in which you can feel like a real criminal, robbing banks, stealing cars, carrying drugs, killing people, etc. Like most other modern video games, some games in the series support, among other things, the multiplayer game mode. In this article we will explain how to play GTA multiplayer and what you need to do for this.

Multiplayer game has little to do with the main plot of the game. Over time, you accumulate money that affects your rank. There are 10 ranks in the game. The higher your rank, the more opportunities open to you.

You can get into the multiplayer with the help inside the gaming phone.

Installation Instructions

To play online, follow these steps:

  1. account in the Social Club from the company RockstarGames.
  2. Create an account on the site.
  3. necessary patches and updates for the game.
  4. Log into the game and connect to the Social Club.
  5. By pressing the up button, remove the phone from your character’s pocket.
  6. Select the Multiplayer section.
  7. If you play on Sony Playstation 3 - press "X", if on Xbox 360 - "A", if on your computer - Enter.
  8. Choose one of the game options.
  9. Choose the appearance of your character.
  10. Invite friends or join other users in the game.

Game modes

Using the phone, you can choose one of five modes:

  • Team - in this mode you join one of the gangs that competes with other organized crime groups. The conditions are simple: complete all the tasks faster than the group of opponents does to win.
  • Cooperative - in this mode you need to interact with other players in order to win. Depending on the mod, you will need to get to the place alive, set bombs at certain points, or collect the required number of bags of drugs.
  • Competitive - there is only you, the gun and the rest of the area. The main thing - to have time to shoot first.
  • Race - there are two mods. The standard race or the race with obstacles in the form of opponents who will try to neutralize you. Remove the gun and do it first.
  • Free is the most open mode of the game. You are presented to yourself and are free to do what you want. A kind of Sims, just with a gun.