How to play stronghold?

In 2001, the company Firefly Studios released a wonderful real-time strategy called “Stronghold”. This simulation of construction, defense and assault of a medieval castle was loved by a huge number of strategy lovers around the world.

But often new players who decide to play this game do not know what the game is about and how to play Stronghold and its continuations Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold 2.

How to play Stronghold

All three games can be downloaded for free.

Stronghold is a simulator of building a castle and wars for territory. In the game you can play as a story campaign, and in an arbitrary map.

The game takes place in medieval England in the fight for the division of territory between the four barons. You are in the role of the fifth force, which you need to regain possession back. You have to build your castle, fight with neighboring castles and troops.

The game has a strong economic part, based on the extraction of the necessary resources such as wood, iron, all kinds of food and drink. All these resources will be needed to create peasants, troops and the construction of various buildings.

Also in the game you need to maintain public confidence in your king, whom you speak.For this purpose, taverns, temples and other places of entertainment are built.

Creating a large army, you can throw it into battle against the enemy on the map and win back his castle and territory. Also, the enemy can attack you, and you have to defend.

Overall, the game is a regular real-time strategy with some interesting solutions.

How to play Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is an independent official addon to the game Stronghold.

The action of the new add-on unfolds in the Middle East, where you lead the crusade against non-believers.

The gameplay basically remained the same. Units have changed a little, new ones have been added and old ones have been reworked, some prices for resources have changed.

The game has also been released a lot of mods and additions to improve interest in the gameplay.

How to play Stronghold 2

Stronghold 2 was released in 2005, as a full continuation of the series.

This time the action of the game takes place again in England, where after the first part, strife in the country begins and you have to reunite it again under your strict guidance.

The economic system was practically not changed after Stronghold Crusader. Everything is also necessary for the player to extract resources, trade, build buildings and raise popularity among the population.There is a new resource "Honor", which will help in winning the location of the population. Also in the game were added rats, impurities and crime, which must be fought.

The troops in the game are no different from the previous game except for the appearance.

In general, the game resembles the first part and an independent addon, but with updated graphics and artificial intelligence.