Music is a trend in art that sometimes can not be fully comprehended and its influence on a person is almost unlimited. This situation is due to the mastery of musicians. Today, dear reader, we will touch on the topic already connected with the more modern period of music development. Let's talk about synthesizers and what can and should be done with them.

How to play a synthesizer?

First of all, I would like to define the terms that we will use in our article, since the word synthesizer is often mistakenly understood by ordinary people. The fact is that a synthesizer is a whole station, stuffed with various electronic devices. What an ordinary person means by a synthesizer is called an electric piano or piano. The most important difference between a synthesizer and an electric piano is that the first instrument creates sounds, and the second one already contains these sounds and prompts the user to select one of them and fully implement it.

Thus, dear reader, this article will focus on the electric piano, and not on the synthesizer.However, since you had such a question and you opened this particular article, you probably have this tool. But more to the point. How to learn to play the synthesizer?

An electric piano is an electronic device that contains a complete or incomplete set of keys that are constructed in accordance with the keys on a regular piano. That is why when playing the electric piano you need to follow the same rules as when playing the piano. However, a �live� instrument does not possess such an impressive set of sounds that an electric piano has. The sound bank includes, as a rule, all existing instruments, as well as a combination of them. The quality of these sounds depends on the quality of the electric piano, and more often on its price.

Let's start with the basics. The electric piano is powered by a power supply with a capacity from 9 to 12 volts. The unit should be included. The power button on the instrument is located either on its front panel or on the back near the adapter's jacks, the sustain pedal and the line-out. In order to understand the system of work of your instrument, you must read its instructions. The principle of the system usually coincides, however, different manufacturers often offer the musician their interesting options.The choice of sound on any electric piano is most often made using the numeric keypad located on the front of the piano. In addition, the list of tools available to the user is usually located on the same panel. They are numbered and divided into groups. For example, various wind sounds will be located in the range from 20 numbers to 30, and all orchestral sections start from 40 to 50. On the digital panel you need to enter the number and the instrument that appears under it will sound. You can learn about the capabilities of your instrument with the help of a video that can be found on the Internet by entering the model of your electric piano. Also watch the video how to play the keyboard correctly.

These are the simplest aspects of using an electric piano. Often, many models contain the so-called melody generators. Various instruments are built into their system, which include the rhythm section (drums and bass) and the instrument that is currently on. You choose the key you want to play and click on the "play" button. The melody starts to sound at a certain tempo and rhythm. Then you can click on any of the keys, and the electric piano system automatically converts this tone into a harmonious chord.Thus, by pressing just a couple of keys, you can create and perform a whole song. Again, the quality of the melody will depend on the model of your instrument. This way you can play songs on a synthesizer.

What else is important when playing an electric piano? Of decisive importance is your knowledge of the notes and the principle of their construction. Unfortunately, people who do not possess musical abilities and a good ear for music cannot create a coherent and harmonious melody. In order to learn how to produce with the help of an electric piano any intelligible sounds, the help of a teacher is needed. Do not worry about the fact that you will need a lot of time to master musical notation. In order to learn how to play notes on a synthesizer or a simple melody with two hands, you will need no more than two lessons with a good teacher.

A musical instrument at home is an excellent tool for self-development and getting rid of boredom. An electric piano is a tool that can occupy a person for many hours. On it you can play a duet and create various musical works. Without a doubt, the electric piano will help you develop a musical ear and interest your children in music.

Let's talk a little about which tool is better to buy.Immediately, we note that you should not buy cheap electric pianos in household stores. Such an instrument must be purchased in a specialized music store. Do not underestimate the importance of the sound quality and the sensation of the instrument keys, since these factors influence the development of your musical abilities.