How to play Twister?

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How to play Twister?

Twenty years ago, we saw the game Twister only on TV screens, but now this game can be bought in every bookstore or toy store. But how to play Twister? After all, often when we buy something, we don�t read the instructions very much and even the instruction may be incomprehensible to us. In this article, we will explain, dear readers, how to play Twister and where to play best.

What is Twister

This game is a playing field made of cardboard or polyethylene measuring 160 × 140 cm. This field shows circles of four colors: blue, yellow, red and blue. Also included in the game kit is a roulette, on which are drawn the parts of the body involved in the game and the colors. So, scrolling through the roulette, the judge or player chooses their next step. Players cannot place an arm or a leg on that site which is already occupied. If a big company, the rules may change. This game is accompanied by smiles and laughter. At the end of the game, players are not able to put their body parts in uncomfortable poses and fall, so they leave the game.

This game was invented by the Americans, and was not popular for a long time, but after being shown on television, the floor-standing game Twister became a stunning success. This game was designed for fun companies of adults and children. It is best to play on the floor or in nature. Make sure you have a leader, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to turn the arrows yourself. Naturally, this game requires good sports training, but if you don�t have one, then it doesn�t matter if you play it often, you will become much more flexible. Do you want to tighten your body? Then the Twister game will help you. Videos, as it is played, can be very easily found on the Internet by typing the right words in the search.

How to play

If you want to see for yourself how they play this game in her homeland, you can watch films such as People in Black, or Turn, or in the famous TV series Sex in the Big City. If you have not played this game, then you should find out what the Twister game is all about. You will enjoy playing it, you can also have fun not only with your friends, but also with the kids.

Brief instruction

  • Spread the game on the floor;
  • select a lead;
  • the presenter turns the arrow and in turn tells which player on which circle to put an arm or a leg.
  • the player leaves the game if he cannot complete the next move or falls.

We wish you a fun pastime along with this fun game.