How to put a car on the account?

It is finished! You have finally bought a car, and all roads are open for you - the roads. Now it's small, you need to put the car on the account in the traffic police and get the numbers. You do not know how to register a car? There is nothing terrible in this matter, you only need to allocate time for this and read our instructions.

What documents will be needed

  1. Vehicle Passport (PTS)
  2. Your passport
  3. MTPL policy issued for one year
  4. Help - invoice (if the car was purchased in the showroom) or the contract of sale
  5. Application for registration
  6. Paid receipt for state duty in the amount of 2000 rubles (if the car is new or deregistered) and 500 rubles. (if used cars with numbers)
  7. Certificate of registration (if the car with numbers)

Then you need to find out the location of the nearest traffic police office, where you can put a car on the account and find out the schedule of its work. Of course, it is best to come early, because, despite the innovation of the type of electronic queue, these same queues still exist, there are too many interested people.

Inspection of a car in the traffic police

Then you go to inspect the car. Under the new rules, the engine number is no longer checked, but the body number check has not yet been canceled, so it will be necessary to pass the inspection of your vehicle. If in your legally purchased car there are no prohibited modifications, such as tinting, installation of gas equipment without documents, converted steering wheel, tinted or broken headlights and so on, then the inspection will not take much time and you will easily pass it.

We are not registering a new car

If you bought a car that is not new, now you do not need to remove it from the register in order to register it for yourself. You can even pick up its former numbers, if they are of good quality, and if the previous owner does not mind. This new rule applies when you and the former owner live in the same region. When you put your car on the account, it will be removed from the previous account automatically.

When you buy a car and drive to another area, the region code naturally changes, and you will not be able to drive with such numbers. You are going to your home and already there you go to your traffic police department with all the necessary documents, register your car there and issue new numbers, and they will already take off the registration in another city themselves.

We put on record a new car

In the case of buying a new car or a car without numbers, you should take the coupon of the electronic queue and go to the required window with all the above documents. They will be accepted by you, and you will have to wait for the issue of numbers. How much to wait depends on the number of people who want to get numbers. But do not go far, you can call at any moment. Having received the coveted numbers, you can safely go home, do not forget only to install them.

Thus, the problem of how to register a car is not as bad as it seems. If you are lucky, you will manage pretty quickly. But quite recently, registration took a large amount of time, sometimes up to several days. So do not be afraid, go to the traffic police, put your car on the account and drive to good health.