How to quickly lose weight by the summer?

Summer time is around the corner. Nature is already blooming, and the ladies put on beautiful dresses and shoes. To meet the warm season, of course, I want to in all its glory, and many managed to gain extra weight during the winter. And if there is a long-awaited holiday ahead, a trip to a hot country or is it just time to put on a new miniskirt? The seven-day express diet will help you to quickly get yourself in shape.

How to lose weight in a week? You can find and clarify the basic rules and recipes of dishes on the website of G. N. Grossman. Galina Nikolaevna - Doctor of Biological Sciences and author of unique methods of weight loss and rejuvenation. We consider the basic recommendations that it offers to those who want to lose weight during the week.

Fundamental rules

  • You can not completely refuse meals, you can not starve for a long time. During your diet, eat small, healthy meals at least four times a day.
  • Every morning you should start with a glass of hot water with a few drops of lemon juice. Instead of "lemon" water you can drink yogurt.
  • It is important to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances. Regular intake of infusion of dandelion root during weight loss very cleanses the body. At the very beginning of the diet you will need to clean the intestines with a water enema.

Fasting day on the water

For the fastest weight loss and better health during the week you need to arrange one fasting day. Galina Grossman recommends choosing Thursday for this. Within twenty-four hours you should completely refuse to eat, the only thing that is allowed to use during this period is warm water. It should be drunk at each of the four meals instead of food. Lemon juice can be added to the water. A fasting day will allow the body to clear itself of what has accumulated and “rest.”

On Wednesday, on the eve of the "water" day, you must first clean the intestines. To do this, use an enema or just drink a laxative.

What can you eat?

Light meat soups, chicken recipes and salads can be included in the basic diet. For example, pickle, a favorite of many baked or stewed chicken breast, vinaigrette - excellent food for a seven-day diet.

Given these simple recommendations, you can easily get rid of 2-3 pounds in a week, which is normal for healthy weight loss and will not cause damage to health. Be fit!


Fitness is an integral part of healthy weight loss. Proper nutrition is in the first place, and suitable physical activity helps to get in shape faster, make the figure attractive and taut.

Fitness: how to lose weight without effort? - You can read more about this on the website of G. N. Grossmann. Consider briefly the main points for those who want to lose weight competently with the help of fitness.

  • First you need to adjust the power - this is paramount. A slimming person is selected a suitable diet and diet, and then think about physical exertion.
  • Exercise is individual, fitness is diverse. Each person needs to choose the one that best suits him, adjust the schedule of classes and regularly train.
  • Friendly assistant-coach will help make the exercises more effective, taking into account the peculiarities of the person, and also help to avoid mistakes.
  • Emotional music will become a pleasant background and will set the pace.It improves mood, improves the general condition and helps to easily engage in the rhythm.

If there is an opportunity, it is better to engage in a group or with a coach: this will increase motivation and responsibility and bring good results.

Those who work at home can make the following recommendations:

  • Find a suitable video training, correctly compile a course and regularly engage in video.
  • Be sure to comply with food: diet and exercise should be in the complex.
  • Engage your family and friends: together, more fun, and better motivation. Let someone of your loved ones control you or work with you together - this will help avoid the temptation to quit classes or give yourself a break.

Do it with pleasure! Training should be helpful and enjoyable. Get yourself a beautiful shape, wind the room, turn on the music if you do the exercises at home. Choose a suitable institution, an interesting training or a good coach that you are comfortable with if you decide to study outside the home. Remember that by doing so you take care of your body, health and beauty.

Given these simple recommendations, you can easily get rid of 2-3 kg.during the week or from 10 in a month, which is normal for healthy weight loss. Be fit!