How to reduce fuel consumption on the VAZ?

Many people believe that reducing the consumption of gasoline and avoiding its excessive consumption is one and the same thing. This is an incorrect mapping. Therefore, those who solve the problem, how to reduce fuel consumption at the VAZ (2105, 2106, 2107, 2109), it is necessary to understand all the intricacies.

First, do not trust yard masters, who are trying to reduce fuel consumption by installing various gaskets and modifiers. Some of them offer to install a jet into the carburetor with a smaller bore diameter. Remember one important thought - if the car is well-adjusted, then no additions in terms of reducing fuel consumption will not give the effect. Even an installed new jet can reduce the flow rate by 3-4%, so is it worth it all to venture.

Professional Tips

Each master has its own ways to reduce fuel consumption, as well as its recommendations. By combining them into one list, you can get a kind of instruction that will help solve the problem of reducing consumption.

  • It is necessary to constantly check the air filter.It is through him that air enters the carburetor to enrich the fuel mixture with air. The less air, the greater the consumption of gasoline. Check the filter is not difficult - look at it in the sun or a light bulb. If the light does not pass, then it is better to replace it with a new one.
  • It is best to pour light synthetic or semi-synthetic oils into the engine. They have a reduced viscosity, which is 6% fuel economy.
  • Never drive a flat tire. This is the condition of the wheels increases rolling resistance, and this is a guarantee of overruns. First, it is necessary to pump air into the tires on cold wheels. Secondly, it is better to increase the pressure inside them by 0.3 bar. This, of course, will affect the suspension (the load will increase), but the passengers will not notice this, the ride will be almost the same.
  • When driving around the city, especially in traffic, keep the same speed. By the way, try to ride a few days at a speed not exceeding 90 km / h. You will immediately feel that you are almost twice as likely to stop off at a gas station.
  • Do not abruptly start the movement of cars. Carefully press down on the gas pedal. A sharp start is a big overrun.The thing is that with a sharp start a large amount of gasoline is immediately fed into the engine. First, it is already a large one-time expense. Secondly, it is a bad influence on the engine itself.
  • It is also not necessary to brake sharply, especially for carburetor machines such as VAZ. In this case, the fuel begins to be absorbed in large quantities through the idling nozzles.
  • For those who do not know - air conditioning is a device that works from the engine shaft. Its inclusion increases the load, and hence increases the consumption of gasoline. This figure varies from 5% to 20%. So rarely turn it on.
  • All that will interfere with the movement of the car and create air resistance must be removed. This could include the upper trunk, tuning frills and stuff. This can also be attributed to the width of the wheels. It is better to leave the standard rather narrow. This will especially be felt on long journeys.
  • Be sure to check the ignition system. From its faults may increase consumption up to 30%. These problems include bad wiring or dirty candles.
  • Do not litter the car, do not overload it. Free the trunk from unnecessary things.
  • You should not drive with increased speed, especially in the city, where you have to stop all the time at traffic lights and intersections.