How to reduce the bruise?

To get a bruise is extremely annoying, even worse, if this failure befell you before an important meeting or a date, and the bruise is in a prominent place. Fortunately, there are many methods for quickly getting rid of the effects of bruises.

In this article we will tell how to reduce a bruise.

First aid

Preventing a problem is usually much easier than eliminating its consequences, but it does not always work. However, in the case of a bruise such an opportunity exists. If you are hurt, do not wait for the consequences, believing that maybe it will cost everything and there will be no bruise, but immediately apply ice. If there is no ice, the frozen piece of meat and a pack of dumplings will go, in general, there is no place for aesthetics, the main thing is to escape from a bruise.

Ice or another cold object must be kept in place of the injury for at least 20 minutes. During this period of time, the blood vessels of the damaged area will narrow as much as possible, which means that the amount of blood that gets under the skin will be insignificant, which, in turn, will either significantly reduce the size of the bruise or relieve you of it altogether.


In the event that a cold object was not at hand and a bruise did appear, we proceed to its treatment. A proven remedy for treating bruises is Troxevasin or Bruise. It is applied to the damaged area every hour, and if the treatment is started on time, you will be able to get rid of the effects of the injury in just a couple of days.

If the bruise is strong, then ointment with heparin, chestnut extract, or leech saliva can also be used in conjunction with Troxevasin. Ointments should be alternated, rather than applied together.

In addition to ointments, you can take pills with rutin and vitamin P - these components improve blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid resorption of the bruise.


Anyone who does not accept traditional treatment also has a chance to quickly reduce the bruise, and homeopathic remedies based on arnica can help. They not only improve microcirculation, but also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Preparations based on this useful plant are available both in the form of homeopathic tablets and ointments.

Folk remedies

There are also a lot of folk remedies that help to quickly reduce the bruise, they are especially advised if the injury is in the person under the eye - the skin around the eye is very thin, and various kinds of ointments can cause allergic reactions.

The best folk remedy for bruises - badyaga. Badyag powder can be purchased at the pharmacy, it must be diluted with water in proportion: 2 teaspoons of powder to 1 teaspoon of water - and make a compress from the resulting mask. Badyaga will help get rid of a bruise in 6-7 procedures for 30-40 minutes.

Well help to get rid of bruise and honey compresses. Mix one tablespoon of honey and vegetable oil, add half a teaspoon of flour and egg yolk. It is necessary to keep the compress for 3 hours, it is desirable to repeat the procedure twice a day, and then after 3 days there will be no trace of the bruise.

The most usual cabbage leaf will help to get rid of the consequences of a bruise - just pass it through a meat grinder and put it on a damaged place for 20 minutes. Carry out the procedure 3 times a day - and get an excellent result in 3-4 days.

Unfortunately, to get rid of a bruise will not work out instantly, and therefore, if you hurt yourself in the evening and found a bruise in the morning, and a business meeting is in an hour, we have one recommendation - use a foundation. Modern tonal cream helps to quite naturally mask the bruise.