How to refuse television

First, consider whether it is necessary to completely abandontelevisionfor you. After all, by abandoning it precisely, you can “throw out the baby together with the water”. Despite the fact that most television programs today do not carry any information that promotes mental development, a small percentage of “smart” programs are broadcast today. In advance take the program of telecasts and even before the beginning of the week mark in it those. See only them, and if you cannot be at home at this moment, write them down and watch the evenings.
Do not consider the Internet as a more intelligent replacement for television. If TV can be compared to a vessel (see above), then the Internet can be compared to a city that has both museums and a casino. And what of this visit depends only on you, on your preferences and willpower.
If you do not have an interesting hobby, be sure to get one. Choose it in accordance with your preferences and skills, as long as it involves creativity, creation. This may be, for example, modeling, electronics, art.Having a hobby, spending your free time, which, as you know, is limited to everyone, it is you who will have to watch less and watch the Internet only as a source of information on this hobby - to use the network idle, aimlessly, free you just have no time left.
Sometimes “to see television from the inside” is much more interesting than to remain only its spectator all your life. Sign up for the weekend in the extras on any TV show - today it is easy. Such filming is somewhat tedious, but having been “on the other side of the screen” of your favorite talk show or TV game, you will surely lose some interest in this program, since the process of shooting it will no longer be mysterious to you. In addition, for participation in the crowd you get a small fee.
Deceittelevisionlies in the fact that it keeps the viewer at home on the couch, thereby causing physical inactivity. Radio is much better in this respect, if only because it can be listened to with headphones, even while jogging, at least in the gym, or even while hiking. Do not consider a pocket TV or a phone with a built-in TV as a substitute for a radio, because during sports you will have to constantly look at the screen,which is very inconvenient. Better set up unlimited internet in the same phone, which allows you to listen to Internet radio anywhere.
Do not give in to the advice to take the TV out of the house. Such a move is unlikely to enjoy your home. Better show them a personal positive example: for example, if you yourself refuse to watch a TV show on the pretext that you have an interesting hobby, they will certainly be interested in them and also want to get carried away.
Learn to analyze the information received from the TV shows. Do not blindly believe everything that is said from the screen, especially when it comes to advertising information.
Go on vacation with the whole family to a place where there is no TV. When you come back, think: have you lost a lot without looking at it? Ask the same question to other family members. Try not everything on TV and at home at least a week after returning - suddenly like it, and you want to continue the experiment?
Take a digital watch with a stopwatch function that you can start and stop. Calculate how much time you lose per day while watching TV. Think about how useful it would be to spend this time.Or at least do household chores while watching programs, rather than sitting on the sofa in front of the TV motionless.
To prevent your children from watching everything on TV, use the special “child lock” function in the device. Prevent them from transmissions that can cause nervous strain, containing scenes of violence and erotica. But let not only children's programs be allowed. In no case do not forbid children to watch scientific programs, even if they seem abstruse and difficult to understand. Many of them are able to bring the child even more benefits than children.