How to remove energy blocks?

The world around us is filled with negative information: we are experiencing, suffering, solving problems, entering into conflicts with other people. In the frantic pace of the modern world, we live under the influence of constant stress and emotional overload. All these factors negatively affect our psyche. But the main problem is not even a surplus of negative emotions, but the fact that we cannot spill them out, but we save in ourselves. So emotional blocks are formed. Let's take a closer look at this process, and also look at how to remove energy blocks from ourselves.

How emotional blocks are formed

We are constantly in a fight with the outside world, with other people, with ourselves. During the conflict in our body produces a large amount of energy. Anger, aggression, fear - all these are pretty strong feelings. Sometimes we spend this energy to influence a situation, to correct it. In this case, the energy is spent and the block is not formed. But it often happens that we can’t change anything.We were taught in childhood that it was bad to express negative emotions. Also, due to our delicacy, courtesy, good education or depression, we cannot express our aggression or discontent. Perhaps, in front of you is a boss, a child, a loved one or an old mother to whom you will not allow yourself to shout.

What are the blocks

Thus, energy is not wasted, but is deposited in the body as a clot. Such clots disrupt the natural flow of energy in the body. In Eastern traditions, this is called “chakra blocking”. Blocks can occur against anyone or anything: a neighbor's dog that doesn’t let you sleep, mosquitoes that are always done with their buzzing, tax inspection, police, noisy neighbors ... In a word, it’s annoying or even annoying for you time.

A block against a particular person or situation can grow if you again and again experience any negative emotions about this. Can you imagine what sizes the blocks of spouses who have lived together for thirty years can reach if they constantly quarrel? Already only the sight of the spouse causes irritation, and the person is ready to explode from any trifle. Sooner or later the energy breaks through, and this translates into a scandal with the smashing of dishes or the interlocutor.How to prevent such an outcome? How to remove the internal blocks?

Remove blocks

Usually the most powerful and solid blocks are formed in the chakra region. A certain chakra is blocked depending on the negative emotion a person experiences. Thus, fear blocks the first chakra, the muladhara; guilt - the second; and shame and disappointment - the third, and so on. There are several ways to free your body from energy blocks.

  • Holotropic breathing. This is a very fast shallow breathing, when the brain is saturated with oxygen and the person enters a high-energy state. The person enters a trance state. In this state, you make contact with the subconscious. Try to free yourself from the negative, throw out the accumulated energy. Look at your body with an inner eye, determine where you have an accumulation of energy. Try directing your breath to this part of the body. Be prepared for the fact that mental blocks will respond with real pain in some part of the body. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the practice. If the pain is severe, stop the session and continue it at another time. Attention! Holotropic breathing is best done under the supervision of someone fromfriends or relatives.
  • Effective forgiveness. This technique is described in detail in the books of Alexander Sviyash. Use holotropic breathing. Begin to pronounce the words of forgiveness for each person who annoys yours. For example: "I forgive Vitya for this and accept him with love and gratitude."
  • Meditation. If you own the technique of meditation, then this option will suit you. Immerse yourself in a meditative state, ask your subconscious to help you discover the blocks. Start scrolling your life from the present moment back in as much detail as possible. Pay attention to those situations that you have something to hook, touched, upset. So you find all the blocks. Ideally, you need to scroll through your life before birth, but this is done, of course, not in one session. Scroll the situation in your mind that is disturbing you, but change its outcome or your behavior as you would like. Do this until the situation stops causing any emotions in you - this will get rid of the block.