How to remove scratches

Today, most people abandoned the small button phones and switched to flat touchscreen smartphones and iPhones. Despite the obvious functional superiority, such models have one major drawback - the screen and the case very quickly get scuffed and scratched. To protect touch displays, manufacturers recommend the use of films for cases - covers. But even these measures do not guarantee 100% protection. In this article you will learn how to deal with scratches on a mobile phone.

Remove scratches from the phone screen

The most scratch-prone part of the smartphone is the screen. It occupies a large area of ​​the device and is constantly in contact with hands, face, various surfaces. Even if the screen is protected by a film, scratches may appear on it, especially if the coating was fixed incorrectly, a hard speck of dust got under it, etc.

How to remove scratches

There are several effective ways to remove superficial scratches and scuffs:

  1. With the help of ordinary toothpaste.Apply a little paste on the screen and with a circular motion clean it with a sponge. By the way, the same method is used by experienced motorists for the rapid return of shine and transparency to the headlights of the car. Scrape the area with a scratch and remove the paste residue with a wet swab. By the way, the paste is recommended to use the cheapest and usual, and not on a gel basis.
  2. Automotive scratch removers are a more expensive option, but very effective. Such proven products as Swirl Remover or Turtle Wax are suitable for use. They can even cope with neglected cases, hiding deep scratches and completely removing small ones. Use a clean cotton cloth for application, and then remove the product with a swab.
  3. With baking soda, the action of table soda is similar to the work of toothpaste. To prepare a means for removing scratches from the screen of the phone, mix the soda with water in a ratio of 2: 1 to the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mass on cotton fabric, and then lightly circular movements to process the scratched surface. Remove residue with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a napkin.How to remove scratches
  4. Vegetable oil - suitable for removing barely noticeable scratches and light scuffs. It is a temporary solution and gives the screen a pleasant shine. Put oil on the damaged area and gently rub it with a soft cloth.
  5. If the house is not only a scratched phone, but a small child, you can use baby powder to remove scuffs. Use it should be exactly the same as baking soda.
  6. Special paste to remove scratches from the screens of equipment from the manufacturer DISPLEX. You can buy in any major store of mobile phones and computer equipment. The cost varies from 6 to 10 US dollars.
  7. GOI paste, which is usually used for polishing metal, glass or ceramics, will also do well with scratches on the phone.

How to remove scratches

How to remove scratches from the phone

If you can remove scratches from the screen with a lot of money and with minimal time costs, then you will have to tinker with the restoration of the case. One of the most benign and effective ways to remove scratches from the phone's body is a long and active polishing. To do this you will need microfiber without lint, a few polishes for furniture and 20-30 minutes of free time.

You can also polish the case with GOI paste.This tool is suitable for many household needs, so it is recommended to have it in the technical "medicine cabinet". Known craftsmen who have adapted for this work electric shaver, in order to speed up the process. Remove the nozzle from the razor, wrap microfiber on the rotating element, fix it with silk threads and start polishing.