How to remove the front panel?

Many car owners have some dissatisfaction with the factory front panel of their iron horse. The panel can be uncomfortable, have a low quality design, squeak, etc. Often there is such a funny thing as a malfunction of electrical equipment. Therefore, there is a need to dismantle and replace this component of the car. If you do not apply to car services or just like to dig in your car, information on removing the front panel will be very relevant for you.

Workplace preparation

So, how to remove the front panel? First of all, you need to prepare a place where you will be engaged in this occupation. Of course, it’s best to do this in the garage; first prepare all the necessary tools (a set of screwdrivers, a small knife, a hammer, keys). Before dismantling, it is advisable to cover the seats in the cabin so as not to stain them. It should be noted that this is a rather painstaking and neat work, so it is advisable to have a supply of free time.

Sequence of execution

Now let's try to figure out how to remove the front panel, using the example of this list of operations. So, the car should be in the muffled state. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, since you need to de-energize the on-board power supply system. While you disassemble the panel, all sorts of charges in the airbag control network will disappear by themselves and you will be able to turn off the airbags. Then remove all decorative plugs. Then you should remove the facing part of the air ducts. Then you need to remove the steering wheel pad. The steering wheel also needs to be removed. it will prevent the dismantling of the panel. If there is no special tool for removing the steering wheel, then remove it as follows:

  • On 2/3 tighten the central bolt.
  • On the back of the steering wheel, press your knees and try to squeeze the wheel towards you.
  • Accurately and strongly strike the central bolt until the wheel is removed from the axle. It is advisable to strike through any metal pin, so as not to spoil the connector of the cable for the airbag. Now you need to remove the switches on the steering column.

Then you can dismantle the facing parts on the racks. The plastic casing of the tunnel, which covers the air ducts that direct the air to the passengers who sit in the back, must also be removed. To do this, unscrew the fastening screws. The casing is now held only on plastic latches. They need to gently bend, and then dismantle the casing, pulling it toward you.

Then you should unscrew all screws. Then unscrew all the nuts. Now the panel is fixed only on some plastic mounts. Pull the panel towards you a little; it should be several centimeters out of the mount. Then carefully disconnect all connectors and wires. After you have disconnected all the wiring, pull the panel towards you to the end and try to pull it out of the cabin. Of course, it’s better to do it with a partner, but if you adapt yourself, this is also not bad. Toyota Corolla

In the manual for your car you will find the exact location of all the front panel mounts. It (the manual) will greatly assist in answering the question of how to remove the front panel.