How to remove the midges?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
September 19, 2014
How to remove the midges?

Surely every landlord faced such an unpleasant phenomenon as annoying midges in the house. To get rid of insects, it is necessary to find the cause of their appearance and to exterminate not only the midges, but also the larvae. In this article we will talk about the main causes of insects and how you can get rid of them.

Causes of midges

In most cases, the midges start up in the kitchen, in flowers, in the bathroom. Kitchen insects usually live on rotten fruit or vegetables, in water blockages, on wet rags. Midges also breed in a humid environment, for example, if you water immensely. That is, the midges often start where there is dampness and dirt. Consider the main causes of the appearance of midges:

  • unsystematic garbage disposal or poor hygiene of the garbage can;
  • spoiled fruits, vegetables, cereals;
  • muddy water in an aquarium or unregulated growth of green algae;
  • contaminated soil in a flowerpot (especially if tea leaves are used as fertilizer);
  • stuck in the sewer plum pieces of food.

How to remove black flies from the apartment

To the midges do not start in the apartment, you must:

  • always comply with hygiene standards;
  • monitor the hygiene of pets (dogs, cats, fish);
  • use special insect repellents in the apartment. For example, at the market, the following remedies have proven themselves well: Fumitoks, Oxaphthal, Minap 22. Before using them, carefully read the instructions for use.

Now consider how to bring out black flies in the kitchen and in flowers.

How to get rid of black flies in the kitchen

To get rid of kitchen blackflies, you need:

  • timely take out the garbage from the apartment;
  • remove rotten food;
  • hang sticky traps (also inside the kitchen cabinet);
  • keep clean and tidy on the kitchen table;
  • periodically wash the sink with anti-grease agent and various blockages. You can also use regular soda. Pour some baking soda into the hole in the sink.
  • maintain perfect cleanliness in the apartment.

In addition, review and sort out all the cereals in your kitchen cupboard, and wipe the shelves with vinegar or soapy water.

How to display black flies in flowers

Colored midges are insects that damage the leaves and root system of a plant. To bring the midges in colors, follow these steps:

  • reduce watering of flowers to a minimum;
  • stick five or six matches into the pot (sulfur head down) and apply potassium permanganate for spraying the leaves;
  • use insecticides for soil: "Agravertin", "Karbofos", "Thunder", "Fitoverm";
  • Apply wood or straw ash to fertilize potted soil.

Now you know how to remove black flies from your apartment.