How to remove the sticker?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 1, 2014
How to remove the sticker?

Almost all things and objects are stickers. They not only interfere, but also spoil the appearance of products. To remove the sticker, you can use proven tools.

Boiling water and vegetable oil

If the sticker is present on a glass, wood, metal or plastic surface, then it can be removed using this method. First you need to soak the sticker, for this, pour it with boiling water. Then take a cotton pad and moisten it in vegetable oil, with it you can easily remove the soaked sticker and glue left over from it.

Hairdryer and liquid soap

To remove stickers from ceramic, porcelain or glass surfaces will help hair dryer and liquid soap. First you need to send a hot stream of air to the label. Then you need to moisten a cotton rag in a solution of liquid soap, and then walk it over the sticker - it will quickly be removed, and in its place will not remain traces of glue.

Vodka and detergent

With various items you can remove the sticker with the help of ordinary vodka.Liberally moisten a cotton swab with vodka, then apply it to the label for a few minutes. After that, you can easily separate it from the surface of the object. The remaining adhesive from the sticker can be removed with a solution made from dishwashing liquid.

Iron and gauze

Remove the sticker from the clothes with an iron. Heat it, and then cover the label with gauze, folded in several layers. Then go through it several times. After that, the sticker can be easily removed. Traces of it can be removed in a similar way, after which they will remain on the surface of the gauze.

Special means

It is not recommended to remove stickers from the surface of the collar, paper and leather with the help of available tools, as it is possible to spoil the product. In this case, you must use special tools designed to remove labels. They are represented by liquids and aerosols (“Label Off”, “UHU Etikettenloser” and others). Such funds are applied to the label and left for 7-10 minutes, and then easily removed with a damp cloth.