How to repair a bumper

You will need
  • - electric soldering iron;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - fragments of a bumper and a stock of plastic;
  • - solvent.
It is important not to lose and keep everything, even the smallest pieces.bumpera. Do not be lazy and after an accident or a small collision with an obstacle, carefully assemble everything. Place the fragments in a rigid container so that they will not collapse even further to the repair.
Most types of plastics from which the body and parts of the car are made are easily repaired by welding using an ordinary electric soldering iron. This is exactly welding, since the joined edges of body parts melt and weld. If the repair is not very large and consists of repairing the cracks,bumpercan not remove from the car.
Thoroughly clean the repair site and degrease. Heat up the soldering iron. Take a suitable size screwdriver - with its help you will bend arched edges if access from the inside is difficult.When welding, immerse the soldering iron tip all the way down to the butt perpendicular to the surface. The resulting two plastic rollers on both sides reduce to the seam. Act with the soldering iron tip like a trowel.
The sequence of repair of plastic <strong> bumper </ strong> and welding: 1. Fasten the edges with a screwdriver; 2. Boil the soldering iron tip over the entire thickness.
Have on hand a supply of plastic to fill the joints in case of a shortage at the repair site. It is desirable that the material was of the same type. In the absence of the same plastic, pick a suitable piece by experience. You can go through the overlay seam several times. It is important that the new layer is reliably welded with the previous one. To make the seam more reliable, weld the joint on both sides.
At the end of the welding work, sweep the seams. This can be done with the help of the "grinder", files with a large notch, sandpaper. Use a sharp knife, something can be leveled with a plane. After that, take care of the texture of the treated surface. Take any solvent that softens the plastic and wipe the welding spot with a rag soaked in solvent. You can try to retract the seam with a hard brush.
Fragment Assemblybumperand has no technological features.At the same time, install large pieces first - then it will be easier to deal with the remaining ones. Small parts can also be pre-assembled into large pieces, and then welded into place. Weld cracks first, then go to the holes.