How to repair Windows 8?

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How to repair Windows 8?

Personal computer is now available in almost every second family. It allows you not only to increase work efficiency many times, but also gives you the opportunity to view the most diverse multimedia content, play high-quality video games and “wander” on the Internet. But during operation, it accumulates a lot of unnecessary files that significantly reduce the performance of the entire system, in addition, PCs are often exposed to computer viruses that can cause enormous harm.

If your computer starts to slow down or give out errors with the names of various system files, it should be checked for viruses with the help of firmware, and in the extreme case, perform an operating system recovery.

In addition, the restoration of the OS may be required after a sudden power outage, due to which the computer was incorrectly turned off (without a full OS shutdown process) and could damage the files necessary for it to work.

Ways to restore the system

There are several ways to restore the OS. They can be used in various situations: if the computer does not start at all, if it boots with errors, or stops working immediately after loading. Consider how to restore Windows 8 in various ways.

Recovering a computer using a disk

This method is suitable for you if the computer boots successfully, but during the work on it various system errors occur.

  1. First, turn on your computer and wait until it is fully loaded;
  2. After that, insert the disc with the Windows 8 operating system into the CD / DVD drive;
  3. Now open the “Start” menu and type cmd in Latin;
  4. The item “Command Line” will be displayed in the search field;
  5. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Run as administrator”;
  6. If necessary, confirm the action and enter the password for the administrator account;
  7. Now, in the command window that opens, enter sfc / scannow and press "Enter";
  8. Wait for the software to check the system files and repair the damage;
  9. In the process of restoring the OS can access the installation disk;
  10. Upon completion, the utility will report the results of the system recovery and warn you if it was unable to restore some files.

Using PC recovery using a disk, you can check and correct system files, this method does not affect all your personal data and installed software.

Resuming the OS using the recovery point

If, after booting the computer, you have problems that were not there yesterday, then it is best to use a rollback to the operating system restore point. Recovery points are automatically created by your computer during the installation of various third-party software, drivers, as well as editing some system files.

During OS recovery in this way, all programs and drivers that were installed after creating a recovery point will be deleted. In addition, the system files are checked. All your personal data and content is not affected.

The process of restoring the OS on the included PC

  1. Move the mouse to the upper right corner of the display and wait until the standard toolbar appears;
  2. Now open the “Settings” section and select “Control Panel”;
  3. After that, go to the “Restore” item (if it is not displayed, switch the control panel display mode to “Small icons”);
  4. Now click on the “Start System Restore” section and select the recovery point you need (the one on which the computer was guaranteed to work);
  5. Follow the steps in the system recovery wizard.

After the OS is restored, the program will display a report on the actions performed. You may need to restart your PC during the recovery process.

The process of restoring the OS to a PC that does not boot

  1. Start your computer;
  2. At the beginning of the download, insert the installation disk with Windows 8;
  3. Restart the computer and when it is turned on, open the menu for selecting the source of loading (usually it is opened using the Tab or F2 key);
  4. Select from the list the drive into which your disk is inserted;
  5. Wait for the download of the OS installation wizard;
  6. Choose one of the suggested languages ​​and click the “Next” button;
  7. Now you need to go to the section "Recover your computer";
  8. Next, go to the "Troubleshooting" and find the item "Advanced Options";
  9. Select “System Restore” and specify the recovery point that was created during the stable operation of the PC;
  10. Wait until recovery is complete and restart the computer.

How to repair Windows 8 on a laptop

Most manufacturers of modern laptops equip them with a special hidden partition on the hard disk, which stores a backup disk with the OS, which allows you to bring the computer to life at any time. To use this feature, you must:

  1. Turn on your computer;
  2. During boot, press the key responsible for starting the recovery partition (usually the key name is displayed when the laptop is turned on, for example, in Lenovo, you must press the button with a rounded arrow next to the power button);
  3. After that, the recovery menu will be loaded, then you need to follow the instructions of the software to resume the operating system.