How to return the commission of Sberbank

In order for you to be able to independently calculate the amount of the monthly loan payment, it is important to know the interest rate, the loan term and the loan amount. In addition, borrowers are often charged additional fees set by the bank, which are either one-time or monthly: for opening and maintaining a loan account, for issuing a loan, for providing financial services when issuing a loan.
According to Article 16 of Law No. 2300-1 dated February 7, 1992 “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, you are entitled to refuse to pay commissions under a credit agreement. But, if you do this at the time of applying for a loan to you, the bank will most likely refuse to grant your application. Therefore, it is better to act after receiving a loan and paying commissions.
To return the paid commissions under the loan agreement, contact the bank and write a claim demanding to recognize the clause of the loan agreement regarding the payment of commission as invalid.In addition, write that if the bank denies you a claim, you intend to apply to judicial authorities and, on the basis of article 15 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", to claim compensation for moral damage.
Write a complaint in two copies, on one of which ask the bank officer to put a note that the document has been accepted, date, name, signature and stamp of the credit institution. Keep this copy for yourself, and give the second one to the bank for review. If an employee of the organization refuses to accept the complaint, send it by registered mail with a notification.
In addition, to return the paid commission under the loan agreement, you can apply to a special consumer protection authority with a statement written in the name of the head of the organization. Attach a copy of the loan agreement and receipt of payment of commission to the bank to the application.
Usually, banks do not bring the case to court proceedings and satisfy the claim of returning the amount of the commission under the loan agreement.