How to return the passion

You are happy together for many years. And only sex overshadows the idyll. Rather, his absence. StarHit tells how to return passion.
how to return the passion
how to return the passion

Sorry but I have to go!

HOW IT WAS.When you started dating, he always found time for you, despite being busy. Yes, and you too.

AND NOW.You see only in the evenings and consider the bed as a place to relax, not for sex.

WHAT TO DO.Find an activity that will be of interest to both of you and will allow you to demonstrate your sex appeal (and not necessarily directly): dancing, playing sports together, photography. Remain at the same time together (without friends).

You are only seen in the evenings and you consider the bed as a place for rest, not for sex.

In search of the lost

HOW IT WAS.Once he knew all your cherished zones and found them with his eyes closed. And you were excited only by the anticipation of his caresses.

AND NOW.What has changed? You. And your sexual preferences, of course.

WHAT TO DO.Watch erotic films, fantasize. The goal is to find out what excites you now.Tell your beloved about what hooked you. And be sure to research your body with it for new erogenous zones and ways to influence them. If you hesitate, masturbation will help.

When you met, he was simply irresistible! How was this not want?

And the king! ..

HOW IT WAS.When you met, he was simply irresistible! How was this not want?

AND NOW.Your hero is domesticated. But you have passion for a charismatic man from the past. And the one who today can easily say: “Today you wash the dishes!” Does not cause sexual desires.

WHAT TO DO?Remember how it was when you first wanted it. In what situations this quality is manifested now, how you can reproduce it. Help your beloved to open up and criticize him less - this reduces his status, and hence sex appeal.

To tears familiar image

Remember how it was when you first wanted it. In what situations is this quality manifested now, how can you reproduce it

HOW IT WAS:Before, you were just starting to get to know each other. Therefore, emotions overwhelmed the edge.

AND NOW:Improvisation from your bed (and from the relationship) has gone, giving way to stability.

WHAT TO DO:Try new roles to experience vivid emotions. There are couples who, in spite of their ideal relationships, love to arrange each other, for example, scenes of jealousy - this is their peppercake in their barrel of honey! The main thing - do not overdo it. And in time to reconcile - in bed, of course!

Lera Kudryavtsea, TV presenter:

- Passion in a relationship is not the most important thing. It occurs at the beginning of a relationship, but when you live with a person of 5–10 years, it is difficult to resort home every day and pounce on your loved one. Instead of passion comes respect, love, trust - something else, from which you also feel pleasure ...

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