How to save watermelon?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 10, 2013
How to save watermelon?

Summer gives us the sun, warmth and a minimum of clothes on the body. But this wonderful time is still very generous for berries and fruits, which in the cold season, alas, do not grow in the garden. From the berries you can cook for the winter compote or cook fragrant jam, apples to the deep cold perfectly preserved in the cellar, but how to save the watermelon, so that in the New Year holidays he pleased us with its richness and sweet unique taste?

Watermelon storage methods

With proper storage, watermelon can be stored for up to 3-4 months and at the same time all its useful properties do not evaporate.

How to save watermelon without leaving home? Watermelon can be stored in the pantry, in a warehouse or in a dark corner of the apartment. In this scenario, you need to follow these rules:

  • You can take watermelon from the floor only with gloves so that it does not touch anything soft and warm.
  • It is best to store watermelon on a bed of straw.
  • If a lot of watermelons, they should not lie tightly to each other.
  • The air temperature during storage should be from +1 to -3 degrees.
  • Regularly watermelons need to be turned from side to side and carefully examine their condition.

Watermelon - a storehouse of vitamins

By the way, watermelons not only have a refreshing taste, but are also famous for their beneficial properties. They have a huge amount of folic acid, iron and carotene. Save the watermelon before the New Year will help the sand. Yes, it is precisely in it that many melons and vegetables are perfectly preserved. Watermelons are placed in a box, covered with sand to the top and stored in a dry and cool place.

Do not be surprised, but from the watermelon you get very tasty candied fruits and jam! To do this, be sure to free the watermelon from the seed, cut off the crust from it and cut the flesh into small pieces. Then the watermelon is filled with sugar, infused for 3 hours and cooked over low heat until the state of the most delicious and delicious jam.

If there is no possibility to store watermelons in any separate room, then they can be easily hung up! What is required for this? It is necessary to wrap each individual watermelon in a newspaper, and then put it in an opaque bag of rags.

Well, and one of the most common ways to save watermelon in the winter is its salting.In brine, watermelons get a savory salty-sweet taste and are excellent as an excellent snack on the New Year's table.