How to sell a dog?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 15, 2013
How to sell a dog?

There are several reasons to sell a dog. For example, puppies were born near your pet, and the offspring should be attached somewhere. Or you made the decision to go somewhere far and for a long time, or a small child appeared in the house, and you think that keeping the dog next to the child is dangerous for the baby’s health, etc. Then we can say that the reasons for selling the dog are quite justified. Before you sell a dog, you should weigh the pros and cons, because the dogs, becoming members of your family, become strongly attached and yearn for parting.

Dog advertising

If your decision is well thought out, then you can place an ad for the sale. If you do not know where the dogs are sold, do something like this.

  • Place an ad on the Internet. There are special forums and sites that contain a sufficient amount of information about dogs, including the purchase and sale. And there are quite a lot of people reading this information. Therefore, you will have a guarantee that the announcement will read many people.Sections for sale may be free and paid. For greater warranty, place your ad in those and others.
  • Do not forget about the classics - the media. People who read newspapers and magazines have not yet been translated. Among them there are enough animal lovers, so your ad will fall for exactly the one who is interested in it.

How to write an ad

In more detail here it is worth considering the option of writing the text. It must be carefully thought out and made up in such a way that literally everyone who reads it wants to buy your dog. Paint out the virtues of your dog. It is not so important whether it is of noble descent, but if a dog has a notable pedigree, then it is necessary to indicate its origin and breed.

Indicate such qualities of a dog as loyalty, loyalty, ability to love the owner, cleanliness, calmness. If the dog has any cute features and abilities, then you can briefly talk about them. If the dog participated in exhibitions or in competitions, this should also be indicated. It's nice to add a photo of a dog to the ad.

You probably often met on the streets like glued to the pedestals and billboards ads. "Selling a dog" - this is how they most often begin. You can also put a similar announcement.

Use the printer to print the ads and post them wherever you can. Connect to this process relatives and friends living in other areas, then the chances of finding a new owner for the dog will be higher.

Experts advise not to conceal negative information about the animal, for example, about the diseases it suffered. No one can be perfect, and a description of a dog only in a positive way may seem implausible.

Write the truth and imagine yourself in the place reading the ad. If, after reading it, you wanted to call the specified number, then it is written correctly. Feel free to place it in all available places.