How to sell a house?

If you are thinking about how to sell a house quickly and not very cheaply, we will try to help you. Of course, these are hardly compatible conditions, however, subject to certain rules, it is quite possible to find an acceptable option.

How to sell a house in the village

Notice, I'm not talking about the option that costs you 100%. Here, in fact, much depends on the location of the house relative to the city and on the surrounding nature. However, remember one simple rule: there is always a chance to sell almost anything. And even a country house, even if it is unpretentious, even if far from the city, belongs to this very “anything” exactly.

Now some tips on how to sell a house so that at least a little increase its value. First, pay attention to your site. See, is there a pile of garbage in the corner? And how many branches, leaves? Tidy up properly in the area around the house, get rid of all sorts of rubbish and you will see how much nicer the site becomes. This is called matching the item with the asking price. After all, surely in your head there is already an approximate amount that you want to get for a house with a plot.

If you think that a major overhaul or approach to the house of various communications will significantly increase its cost, then you are mistaken. Increase, yes, but not so much so that the cost of these works justified itself. What they will seriously increase is the liquidity of real estate (that is, its ability to be sold fairly quickly), but not its value. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out such costly activities. What will help faster sale of a house in the village? The answer can break the illusions of those who dreamed to make significant money on it, but a reasonable price for the house and only it will help.

You can always sell almost any house, but you need to adequately assess its real value. If this is not done, there is hardly a realtor who will undertake such work, even under the condition that the house is not in a fairly prestigious place. If you offer a reasonable price, then for a house "on the outskirts" you can help out a certain amount.

How to sell part of the house

Consider this question from a legal point of view. Sell ​​part of the house can only be subject to the consent of all other owners. More precisely, they must first refuse to buy a house on your terms, after which you can offer your part to other buyers.

In addition, for the sale of the house will have to collect a lot of documents. We list them:

  1. Passports of participants in the transaction.
  2. Notary refusal of all co-owners.
  3. Notarial permission of all owners.
  4. Documents of title to the land and part of the house.
  5. Statement of discharge.
  6. Notarized contract of sale.
  7. Notarial document on the price of the part of the house and the terms of the transaction.
  8. Acceptance report.

Only after you collect all the above documents, you can put the house up for sale.

How to sell a share in the house

This procedure is similar to the previous one, but there are some nuances. Despite the fact that you, as an owner, you can do with your share whatever you want - to donate, sell, bequeath or pledge - you will still have to offer your share to the sedanschik in the sale. The amount can be called any, but a written notification of the share holders is required, since they have the right of first refusal.

When selling a share, do not make one serious mistake. It is impossible to offer a shareholder to make a deal at one price, and after their refusal to sell a share at a lower price.In this case, co-owners may go to court, and the transaction is likely to be invalidated.

Perhaps, we have told you about the main nuances of how to properly sell a house or its share in it. Good luck with business!