How to set textures for minecraft?

Many people know such a game like Minecraft. How to install textures for Minecraft, tell our article.

Minecraft has a built-in texture setting feature that is very simple and easy to use. It has only one limitation - the resolution for textures that can be set must be specifically “16x16”, but with textures that have 32x32 resolution and more problems will arise, the most common of which is the invisibility of water blocks.

In order to install textures for Minecraft, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Download the necessary textures that have a resolution of "16x16". The format of the file you will be downloading should be * .ZIP;
  • Now you need to copy the file you downloaded into a folder called “texturepacks” (“texture packs”), which is located in the folder with the installed game. In the case when you do not know where this folder is located, then the simplest method of finding it is:
    • Click "Start", then select "Run";
    • Copy there the value "% appdata% \. Minecraft \ texturepacks \";
    • Press the "OK" button and you will see the desired folder "texturepacks";
  • You have placed the downloaded zip file containing the textures. Then you need to start the game and click on the button that says “Textures” (in the English version of the game it is called “Texture Packs”);
  • You will see a list of textures in which you have to select the desired texture and click "Finish" (or "Done"). If you previously installed a “clean” game and copied only the textures themselves into the folder, then you will see the 2nd textures:
    • standard textures ("Default");
    • those that are copied;
  • It remains to click "Finish" and your texture will be installed;
  • If you want to return the standard textures, you must also click the "Textures" button and select the "default" (or "Default") option.

Installing HD textures using MCPatcher

So, Minecraft. How to install texture pack with HD textures? In the case when “artifacts” arose during the installation of the necessary textures, for example, water blocks simply disappeared or “wrong” blocks came across on the ground, this means that you wanted to set HD textures in the above way, which in this case does not work .

In order to install textures with a resolution of "32x32" and more, you need to use a program called MCPatcher and follow the following instructions:

  • Download the necessary textures that have a resolution of "16x16".The format of the file you will be downloading should be * .ZIP;
  • Download MCPatcher from the Internet;
  • Run the file mcpatcher-3.0.2_01.exe and wait for the program to analyze the necessary game files. If errors occur at this stage, then you are using a modified version of this game;
  • Now you need to click the "+" icon at the bottom and select the desired file with textures on the hard disk of the computer. Then confirm the selection;
  • It remains to press the button labeled "Patch" and wait for the completion of the process;
  • Then you can start the game, and the textures that you selected will be installed immediately.

Now you know how to install textures on Minecraft!