How to set up a microphone on a laptop?

The built-in microphone is an indispensable element of almost any modern laptop. If earlier owners of portable computers had to buy a microphone separately, connect it to a laptop, adjust the sound, then now it is not necessary to do this. If your device already has a microphone, it remains only to figure out how to configure it. On all laptop models, the microphone is configured the same way. Minor discrepancies may be associated with different operating systems.

Check the presence of a microphone

How to set up a microphone on a laptop? First you need to carefully read the instructions for your equipment and make sure that the built-in microphone really is.

If there is no instruction, use the device manager, where you can also find out about the presence of a built-in microphone. To do this, you must perform the following combination: start-up - control panel - sound - recording. If the laptop has a built-in microphone, then in the menu that opens, you will see this device.If it still does not, then you have to buy an external microphone.

We adjusted the built-in microphone

To set up the built-in microphone on a laptop with Windows XP operating system, first of all check if the drivers are installed on the sound card. If the system was installed recently, then it is quite possible that the sound drivers still simply did not have time to install. They can be installed from the disk that comes with the laptop, or simply downloaded from the Internet.

If the drivers are, and the microphone still does not work, try to make an update. Click the "Start" button and then "Control Panel", where you will need to open tabs in the following sequence: sounds - audio devices - sound recording. Now you need to set the device to be used by default. Then decide on the volume and click the "Advanced" button.

Next, a window will appear where you will first need to select “Parameters” and then “Properties”. Put a tick next to the line "Microphone" and confirm your actions with the "OK" button. After that, a knob should appear that can be adjusted to any volume level.On laptops with other operating systems (Windows7, Windows8, or Windows Vista), the setup procedure is almost the same. The only difference is that after you enter the Control Panel, the tabs need to be opened in the following sequence: sound - recording - microphone - properties: microphone - levels.

We adjust the microphone in Skype

In order for the microphone to work correctly, you need to install special utilities in separate programs. They can be easily found and downloaded on the Internet. There are utilities that remove echo or suppress noise. Others allow you to set the most convenient distance from the user to the microphone.

Despite the fact that all previous settings are set correctly, a number of users face similar problems in Skype. For example, the interlocutor cannot be heard, or vice versa - the interlocutor does not hear you.

To set up the microphone in Skype, you need to open the following tabs: tools - settings - sound settings. In the "Microphone" column, select the default device. After that, a green bar will appear in the “Volume” column. Check the box next to "Allow automatic microphone setup".After that, the sound will become louder or quieter as needed.