How to sew clothes?

One of the most common questions regarding cutting and sewing is: how to sew clothes? And ask it, as a rule, those who want to learn how to sew from scratch. This article was written for them. It is, so to speak, a small introduction to the world of sewing, thanks to which you will learn about the basic concepts and decide for yourself what exactly you will do - what kind of clothes you will sew.

How to learn to sew clothes with their own hands

I will tell you right away: in order to learn how to sew from scratch, you must observe two conditions: to have a great desire and no less great patience. In general, everything, as in any other case. If you have such desire and patience, then it is quite possible to begin. Moreover, it should prevail desire, because patience will come if you seriously decide to do it. The most common question is where to start. Of course, from the very foundations, which we will now discuss. But the most important thing is to have enough desire, patience, as well as time and energy. The latter will take you to study too much. And one more thing, before talking about specific things: theory is great, but in sewing, as in many other areas, practice is of paramount importance.Only by picking up a needle and thread, you can learn something, because knowledge of the theory will not even help to sew a button. This can be mastered only by applying this theory in practice. Well, now let's talk about the very basics that teach those who want to learn how to sew in special institutions.

How to sew clothes for yourself: the basics

The first thing you will learn to hand stitches: tell and show what they are and how to do them correctly. Well, after that they will plant for a sewing machine and you will learn to work already on it. But this is practical training, and in theory, which should be studied in parallel, such information is contained, without the knowledge of which further training will be simply meaningless. Now about the concepts. The actual construction of clothing is the creation of a voluminous shape that will cover the human body, from a flat material - fabric. There are 2 ways of designing clothes: calculated and dummy, with the latter (dummy) being used much less frequently than calculated. Well, now about the calculation method in more detail. With such a construction of drawings (patterns) used measurements of the human body.They measure various parts of the body and suitably tailor and sew the material. This process (measurement of the human body) is called taking measurements. You also need to consider that in the construction of drawings using measurements such as increments. The increase is the difference between the measurements of the human body and the size of clothes. This is very important, because it is precisely through increases that the shape and silhouette of the clothes can be changed, because the degree of adhesion of clothes to the body in this case will be different. So, to build a drawing of the details of the clothes, you need to know not only the measurements of individual parts of the body, but also the magnitude of the increments to these measurements. The drawing constructed from such data is called the drawing of the basis of the design of clothes.

From theory to practice

On the basis of the design, it is already possible to build various models, that is, products that have a common basis, but differ from each other in different shaped elements - for example, clasps or collars, or some other elements. Also understand that it is impossible to learn how to sew well in a day, and even in a month it is practically impossible to learn it, so get ready for the gradual mastering of this complex science. If you want, go to special courses, no - study at home.From my own experience, I will say that you can independently master anything you want. It�s just that it will take a little less time with the teacher, although I usually get along completely without such luxury. But desires, as we have said, will need a lot. Having mastered the theory, learn to do different stitches, which at first will not be easy. If you have a sewing machine (and where it is without it), then the sewing process will be much simpler, but this will not free you from studying the theory and practice, so to speak, with your own hands, without using modern technology. As practice shows, the best designers and tailors can sew a beautiful thing, having only a piece of fabric and a needle and thread. Learn this and you, especially since sewing clothes with your own hands is real. And what qualities, knowledge and skills are necessary for this, you already know, so I wish you good luck in this difficult, but very interesting work!