How to sign a postcard favorite?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
February 19, 2013
How to sign a postcard favorite?

We all have holidays. And if this holiday is with a loved one, I want to congratulate him with fiction and impressively. The gift itself often has no meaning, but the card attached to the gift is often remembered better and gives the impression of a stronger one. How to sign a postcard for your beloved, so that he feels the warmth and love that you feel for him? How to make your congratulations like and remember?

How to sign a postcard to your favorite guy

To get started, choose a card that suits him best. Do not buy banal cards with the inscription "Beloved." Even worse, if the capricious text inside the card will be the only greeting from you. You can give such a card to a colleague or a not very close person.

Usually, people do not react very positively to the congratulatory poems that you found somewhere on the net. That is, most likely, such a text “will not hook”.Congratulations will sound completely different if you borrow a phrase about love from a great person.

If you plan to develop your relationship, let your loved one understand it in congratulatory wishes. Best of all, if you write words that come from the heart. For example, "I get happier when I remember your eyes", or "Native, this holiday gave me a chance to remind you that I will always be there."

Remember what your boyfriend would like to achieve in life? For example, he wants to get a good job or buy a car. Write what you want him more than he would like to receive, but you can submit it is not trivial. If your fiancé wants to rise to the rank of colonel, write to him: “I wish you that your wife has a husband-general”. If he saves money for a used car, write "I wish that the salon in your Lamborghini always matches the color of my dress."

With such small and joking wishes, you will make it clear that you know him better than others, and strive to be near.

How beautiful to sign a postcard favorite

If the purchased copy of the postcard already has text that is extremely suitable for you, do not remove or glue it. Put inside another liner, which, in fact, write your wishes.

You can draw an inscription with paper figures glued on the corners of the text. Do not attach butterflies and flowers - a guy it seems inappropriate. The heart is fine.

It will be especially effective if you make a postcard yourself. Today the art of scrap-booking is very widespread, everything you need can be purchased in the special department of the store. Having received such a gift in your hands, your loved one will not be able not to appreciate it.