How to solve the problem of data on broken cd-dvd drives?

We have a number of CDs that have data that have become corrupted in some sectors — I'm trying to recover data using the NERO tools, but it takes a lot of time and is not really that effective. Has anyone encountered this problem before? can anyone suggest programs in order to recover files?
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Answered on October 1, 2015 13:22
If the sectors are not read, then efficiency can be forgotten. The more holes, the worse the result. It takes a lot of time to read a disk with holes and to speed up this process is not possible physically. You need to understand the reason for this behavior of the disk. If the disc is scratched, then polishing will help to subtract the disc better; if the disc is visually whole, then the material itself is most likely degraded due to oxidation, for example, nobody and nothing will help you. From the subtraction programs I can recommend ISOBuster. Although it is possible Nero tools work in a similar way.If the dvd is not readable or scratched, then the program can copy data from bad disks and then save it to your chosen location on the hard disk.