How to start a diesel engine in the cold?

December 1, 2014
How to start a diesel engine in the cold?

Diesel cars are quite common in the operation of motorists in our country. Although today high-quality diesel fuel is almost equal in price with gasoline, many drivers prefer this kind of engine because of their energy intensity and speed. All this is good on trips in the hot summer. In the cold season, however, a diesel engine — even a relatively new one — can “put a pig in” and simply won't start at the right time when you rush to work, for example. Let's try to figure out: for what reasons is this happening and how can we still try to start a diesel engine in the cold?

Fuel waxing

This phenomenon is one of the first reasons that the engine does not start. In this case, the battery works, and the starter turns, and candles in order, and the fuel does not flow into the system. Simply put, diesel fuel at a sufficiently low temperature tends to lose its fluidity, clogging the pores of the fuel filter.

How to fight?

If a diesel engine is not started up in the cold for this reason, then it is necessary to add a special antigel additive to the fuel, which is recommended to be used for inappropriate fuel at temperatures below minus twelve degrees Celsius. It is only advisable to do this before the temperature has dropped. Follow the instructions: as a rule, you just need to squeeze the tube into the gas tank when refueling the car. Another - no less effective - option: fill in at the gas station with a special non-thickening winter diesel fuel, designed by the manufacturer for lower temperatures. Old - pre-drain.

Quick start

If all the systems of your car are working normally, and the diesel engine does not start in the cold, try a spray for a quick start of the engine. It is made on the basis of a special broadcast, it can be purchased at a gas station or in a store for motorists. It is necessary several times to splash out of the sprayer into the intake manifold (for this, open the air filter housing). After that, if the starter turns normally, the engine, in theory, should start.If not, try the operation again.

Electric heater

Experienced car enthusiasts also know such a secret of starting a diesel engine in case of severe cold, if the car is standing, for example, in an unheated garage in which electricity is held. You need to take a small electric heater (preferably safe) and put it under the protection of the engine on the floor. Turn on and wait for about fifteen minutes. During this time, parts of the engine and fuel indoors warm up to the temperature above zero.