How to start a new day

The day begins with an early rise (until 6 o'clock in the morning), which makes it possible to feel vigor, a surge of new strength and to remain active throughout the day. Getting up later (from 6 to 10 am) a person will often feel tired, heavy, drowsy.

One of the first actions after waking up is the natural release of the intestines and bladder. If the intestines are not used to working at this time, try to drink a glass of water at room temperature and inconsistently try to release it all the same. This will help restore a lost natural rhythm.

Any person who adheres to a healthy lifestyle attaches great importance to external cleanliness. Daily morning body cleansing begins in the mouth. This procedure includes brushing your teeth, cleansing the tongue. After that, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with any vegetable oil.

To improve the mobility of the joints, increase blood flow to the organs, you should do morning exercises.Exercises should give a feeling of joy of movement, they need to be performed slowly, without tension and effort, smoothly moving from one exercise to another.

After exercise and a few minutes of rest, it's breakfast time. Food must be warm and not very plentiful.

After completing all the previous recommendations, you are fully prepared for creative work: the body is warmed and soothed, the body systems are in working condition, the mind is protected from surprises and stresses. So what's the deal.

A person who adheres to the correct daily routine is balanced, prudent, "pleasant in all respects." He maintains balance in his body, he has much less chance of getting sick.