How to start dating?

If you are in love with a girl or a guy, it is not surprising that you dream of starting a relationship. How best to do this so as not to get a failure?

How to start dating a girl

  1. Do not be afraid. And if you are afraid - do not show it. Everyone knows that girls are attracted to brave and confident men. Just do not need to try to appear so special and build something from yourself - girls immediately feel false. Be yourself.
  2. Be sincere. If you want to invite a girl for a date - call and say that you want to see her. If you like to talk with her, or you admire her smile - tell her about it. No need to come up with exquisite compliments - just say what you think. A girl should know that you like her.
  3. Give her flowers. Even if you think it is banal and meaningless. It really works. Firstly, it speaks of your romantic feelings, and secondly, it helps the girl to feel like a girlfriend. This contributes to the growth of her interest in you.
  4. From time to time, write to her intriguing SMS and letters.The main thing is not regular, without imposing. Your messages should please the girl and make her smile.

How to start dating a guy

  1. Try to remind yourself from time to time, to appear in his life. This should be done subtly and imperceptibly, in any case without imposing or throwing the guy with kilometers of SMS. Just flash before his eyes and smile mysteriously. The guy should notice you, get used to you and start to look closely.
  2. Talk to the guy about him, be interested in his hobbies and life. Be delicate and act subtly. Admire them, but without falsehood and flattery. Give the guy advice if he asks for any help. Maintain it.
  3. Invite him to the cinema or to the theater. Make it better to carefully: tell me that they were going to go with a friend, and she got sick, and invite him to join you. Look for ways to spend your leisure time with him. It brings together.
  4. If he stubbornly fails to notice you, try gently flirting with others before his eyes. Sometimes it is very effective.

How to start dating a friend

  1. Your first goal is to make a friend see a woman in you. Not a funny girl who does not understand her friend, but an attractive and beautiful girl.Become more feminine: gentle curls, light long skirts, discreet but elegant jewelry, good perfumes. Stay with him more often.
  2. Start flirting with him. Gently and subtly, without any tricks and rude jokes. Smile, look him straight in the eyes, then abruptly withdraw them. Your eyes should speak for you. Let a carefully concealed fire be visible in it.
  3. If you don’t know how to start dating, take the first step. Taking the initiative does not mean giving up. It is possible that a friend simply does not notice your hints and does not understand that you are in love with him. Take the first step, provoke him with an unexpected kiss, and then go away and behave as if nothing had happened. Perhaps this will fuel his interest, and he will want to repeat. Then he will be a hunter, not you.
  4. Ask common friends for help. Sometimes their hints, glances and jokes can kindle feelings and push the guy in the right direction.

To start dating, you will need:

  • decisiveness, courage and the motto "it is better to do and regret than not do, and then repent all my life";
  • charm and femininity for girls, charisma and inner strength for men;
  • smiles, sincere compliments, exhilarating flirting and long glances;
  • flowers and chocolates for girls, delicious meat patties for men;
  • confidence in yourself and in your actions;
  • fantasy and flexibility, the ability to act correctly in the circumstances;
  • love, because it can work wonders and stoke hearts with its fire.