How to steal an account?

Galina Devyatkina
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How to steal an account?

In our time, every person who has the Internet and uses various thematic sites, social networks and forums, maybe once, but thought about how to hack or steal someone else's account. Be it a friend, a friend, a boss at work, a child or anyone else. The reasons for this can be a variety of events. Many people hack accounts in order to sell them to their owner in the future.

"Hijacking" account to order

Many "break" accounts to order. Most likely, you have repeatedly seen ads on the Internet of the type: �I hacked an account to order Vkontakte,�, and so on. What are these "account hackers"? As a rule, they use special programs that can be written by any person who has basic knowledge of programming languages. Such programs are usually not laid out in general use, and used in private. At the same time, the attached number and box are replaced, so it becomes impossible to restore the account.


There are spyware programs that are sent to the mail or personal message to the future victim. The victim opens the message and the virus reads all the data, including logins and passwords. This is a fairly convenient and fast way.

Even firms provide such services. Most often, such companies consist of one or several people and even have a separate price list of services provided. You pay them money and get results in a few days.

It is not necessary to invent tricky combinations to hack someone else's account. Sometimes it is enough to get the so-called "cookies" of the victim. For this, there are also certain programs. You can somehow sit at the computer immediately after the victim leaves him. In most cases, people do not delete "cookies" and the history of page visits after themselves. This is the weak point through which it is easiest to get the passwords of the victim.


XSS in Russian means �cross-site scripting�. During such an attack, a malicious code is introduced into the site�s page, which penetrates the system when switching to this web page. In this way, malicious code is introduced into your PC.Using XSS attack is the easiest way to hack. So you can "steal" cookies from the victim, and she will not even notice. The most difficult thing is to make the victim follow the link, if you could do it - the passwords are in your pocket.

Attention! Hacking other people's accounts is highly discouraged, since such actions fall under article 272 of the Criminal Code "Illegal access to computer information." Violators are punished with imprisonment for up to 5 years, fine or correctional labor.