How to stop hair loss

Excessive hair loss can occur from improper diet, various scalp problems, as a result of illness, the use of strong drugs, and, of course, due to nervous overstrain. These are important factors, but still in most cases, genetic predisposition affects.


In people prone to hair loss, there is an excess amount of the androgen hormone. And in men, the gene pool of this type is found many times more often than in women. Androgen causes a failure in the natural growth cycles of the hair, resulting in the hair follicles gradually dying off.


In some cases, a visit to the doctor is inevitable, but mostly you can handle it yourself. Healthy and rapid growth of the follicle directly depends on the normal blood circulation. And to improve circulation, you should regularly massage the scalp, using special relaxing and stress-relieving oils. For example, from coconut, henna or almond.


It is equally important to use suitable shampoos and conditioners. To do this, you should carefully study the labels to choose cosmetics only for your hair structure.


In addition to proper nutrition, we should not forget that our hair often lacks vitamins. Vitamins of group B and C, as well as zinc and biotin are most useful for them. Thanks to them, the blood circulation of the scalp improves, the roots get saturated faster with useful substances and the hair grows better.


Biotin is part of the vitamin B group, but it’s worth it to be set aside separately. Hair for healthy growth, this vitamin is necessary. Biotin is useful not so much in cases of maintaining hair in a healthy form, as for their treatment and recovery. The bonus of biotin use will be strong nails.


All of the above methods of home hair treatment are mostly quite effective. The main thing is to take care of your hair, constantly care for them, do not run until the state when any funds will be ineffective. But if your self-treatment did not have an effect, be sure to consult a doctor.