How to take black cumin oil?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
October 20, 2014
How to take black cumin oil?

Black cumin oil is a 100% natural product. It is made from plant seeds by cold pressing. It is used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Among them: gastrointestinal disorders, bronchopulmonary and catarrhal diseases, tooth and headache, diseases of upper respiratory tract and many others. Including this drug helps to normalize weight.

How to drink black cumin oil


The scheme of using black cumin oil to get rid of extra pounds is designed for 8 weeks. In the first 4 weeks of the course, all carbohydrates (potatoes, flour, sweet) are excluded from the diet, in the next 4 weeks - all fatty (daily fat should not exceed 20 g). During the first 4 weeks after taking the oil should drink a glass of plain water.

  • Week One - 1 tsp. oil in the morning for 30 minutes before breakfast;
  • Week Two - 1 tsp. oil for 30 minutes before breakfast (repeat before dinner);
  • Week three - 2 tsp. oil for 30 minutes before breakfast (double the portion of water);
  • Week Four - 1 tsp. oil for 30 minutes before breakfast.

Water is excluded from the reception schedule.

  • Week five - 1 tbsp. l butter half an hour before breakfast;
  • Week Six –2 Art. l butter half an hour before breakfast;
  • Week Seven - 2 tsp. oil 3 p / day for 30 minutes before meals;
  • Week Eight - 1 tsp. oil half an hour before meals 2 p / day.

Urticaria, bronchospasm, asthma, allergic rhinitis

With this type of disease, black cumin oil is taken by 1 tsp. a day morning and evening. Before swallowing the medicine, it is recommended to hold it in the mouth for several seconds. You can cook on the basis of inhalation - 1 tbsp. l oils diluted in 1 liter of water.

If allergic reactions appear on the skin, the agent can be applied externally - lubricate the affected areas.

Headache and toothache

If you have a headache you need to drink 1 tbsp. l black cumin oil, and put a few drops on the temples and forehead.

Toothache can be alleviated by taking some oil into your mouth, holding it for a couple of minutes, and then swallowing it.


Sleep problems will remain in the past when using the following composition: 1 tbsp. l black cumin oil and 1 tbsp. l honey, diluted in a glass of warm water.The drug is taken at bedtime and has a powerful calming and relaxing effect.