How to take life?

To accept life is to accept your past, with all the mistakes and ups, failures and victories. Accept and leave them in your memories, learn not to look back, regretting lost time and lost opportunities. In addition, the ability to take your life will allow you to look for its meaning - your destination in this world. Psychologists and philosophers have developed several methods, having worked which, it will be easier for you to accept life as it is.

How to take life: several ways

It is much easier to accept your own life, if you are aware of what needs are moving you, read about it in our article How to Understand Life.

The following ways of taking life are not a panacea, but can help you in self-knowledge.

  • Very often, people are dissatisfied with their current position and express this dissatisfaction with phrases like: “I am a loser”, “My life is disgusting”, “I am all bad, nobody loves me”, etc. For such people, the main rule: to realize that complaints about life do not make changes to it and stop complaining.Convince yourself that what has happened to you so far is your past, and this day and the next day will be radically different in richness of pleasant events;
  • Other people feel dissatisfied with life because of the habit of comparing themselves with others. In this case, it’s worth thinking sensibly: yes, your life is different than that of your neighbors, colleagues and former classmates, but this is what makes you unique, which means you have your own way and you can choose directions along this path. If you stop spending time on comparisons, you will probably see new opportunities that can make your life better;
  • Find things for which you are grateful. Myself, people you meet, your past, present, others. An excellent time for this can be a period when you are already in bed. While in a half-slumber, pronounce the words of gratitude. This will allow you to fall asleep a little bit happy, with a smile on your lips, which means you will be more pleasant to wake up;
  • Learn to love yourself. What is the manifestation of such love? In the little things. How long have you spoiled yourself, bought not only the most necessary? How long have you been rewarded with a pleasant walk or an extra hour of sleep on a day off? Start spending time cultivating,whether going to the gym or learning a foreign language, this is how you learn to love and reward yourself. Read more about self-love in our article How to love life.
  • Set a goal. Remember that a person without a goal cannot assess the success of his activity, since he does not understand what he is striving for. The famous aphorism attributed to Seneca states: “For a ship that does not know where it is going, not a single wind will be fair. Think about how you want to see your life and set goals that will bring you closer to your dream.