How to take medicine?

October 23, 2014
How to take medicine?

The most important purpose of modern medicine is to relieve the patient from indisposition as effectively and quickly as possible. For this, it is sometimes very important to take the medicine correctly, that is, exactly as the pharmacologists calculated.

What to drink medicine

A significant amount of modern medication requires that you drink some medication. Not everyone understands how important it is to drink pills with “correct” liquids. Here are a few simple, but very important rules:

  • Do not drink pills with tea and coffee. This, at best, will slow down the process of assimilation of the drug, and at worst - will cause some unpredictable reaction of the body;
  • Do not drink medicines with juices. Fruit acids can change the pharmacological effect of drugs. Juices in combination with certain types of drugs may even be dangerous to your health and life;
  • Do not drink pills with milk. Milk significantly reduces the effectiveness of a number of drugs, prematurely dissolves the shell and prevents the absorption of enzymes in the stomach;
  • Never drink pills with alcohol.Anyone, even the weakest alcohol is not combined with any medical drugs;
  • Wash down the medication with boiled water.

For the correct administration of drugs, it is also important in what form the medicine was produced.

Drug release form

Of course, all the detailed instructions should be attached to the drug of any form of release, but just in case you should know:

  1. In no case should the tablets in the shell be crushed or chewed.
  2. Capsules are recommended to take standing, so that they do not stick to the wall of the esophagus.
  3. Mixtures and syrups, as a rule, are accompanied by a high sugar content, therefore, if it is possible to replace them with a similar drug, for example, in tablets, it is better to do it.
  4. Alcohol tinctures, in fact, contain a very small dose of alcohol, so do not be afraid to give their children.
  5. When taking powders, the package should be folded in the form of a gutter, pour the contents onto the tongue and drink it with water.
  6. Gels and ointments are best applied with a thin layer so as not to waste the drug in vain.

The question of proper medication, most often occurs during a cold.