How to teach a child to speak the letter P

How to teach a child to speak the letter P

How to teach a child to say the letter P

Little children bring a lot of joy to their grandmothers, grandfathers and parents. They just glow with joy and fun, and every child is very nice, touching and beautiful. Their naive judgments amuse all around, simple pranks in their blood and it seems that this is their true vocation. At such a tender age, children cannot pronounce some words correctly, and parents teach them, constantly correcting the words they have spoken incorrectly.


Such training in the form of playing with a child can bring a lot of fun to children and adults. No matter how wonderful the pronunciation of our smallest relatives are, there is the most “sly” letter in our alphabet that you can learn to pronounce correctly at the very last. So, how to teach a child to speak the letter P? Not every kid can articulate her clearly, and sometimes difficulties with her pronunciation make parents attentive to the child's speech go to an appointment with a speech therapist.


A speech therapist can provide professional help and teach parents the necessary exercises with which the child can master the letter R. Let us see when we need to seek professional help, and do not sound the alarm and can cope on our own.


You shouldn’t worry if your child is under four years old and doesn’t clearly pronounce the letter “p”, you don’t even need to think about this question, do something with your child that corresponds to his development and age: write and memorize new words, draw flowers, cut and glue, make crafts from plastic bottles. No need to make him worry about some kind of "p" sound. When the child reaches the age of five years, start doing simple exercises that will help him master this letter. Everyone knows the exercises that have been used by many parents for more than one century.


How to teach a child to speak the letter P


Choose a few short words in which the letter P is pronounced and audible, and try to clearly pronounce this word, with an emphasis on this sound P.


The list of words that are suitable for teaching a child to pronounce the letter P:



  • Motor.
  • Tractor.
  • Mushroom.
  • River.
  • A fish.


Or the following sounds:

  • Re-re-re-re.
  • Tr-Tr-Tr-Tr-Tr.
  • Dr-dr-dr-dr.


The child needs to repeat these words, let him try to give his tongue the necessary vibration, if there is no vibration, then nothing happens. Some speech therapists and parents advise children to slightly twitch the bridle of the tongue with their finger in order to learn how to vibrate. Over time, when the muscle memory is well developed, it will no longer be necessary to use a finger. If you do not like to turn to professionals, then you can quite independently find an extended list of exercises for developing correct articulation, and engage in special lessons every day with your child. If you correctly and seriously approach this question, you can quickly teach the child to speak the letter p.