How to tie a belt?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
April 2, 2013
How to tie a belt?

The belt is a very beautiful accessory for many outfits of men and women. But often we don’t know how to design it beautifully, so that it would look original and separate parts of your wardrobe and decorate you with it. But how to tie a belt? In our article we have collected very interesting design options for belts, both leather and fabric.

The main ways to design ramen

  • You can simply wear a belt, as you usually do, without any frills, this option is suitable if you do not have free time.
  • tie a net knot. You can also tie your belt in a knot, it is also not time consuming method.
  • you can not fasten the buckle, but simply skip the end of the belt through the buckle;
  • you can simply wind up the end of the belt with the figure eight. This style is suitable for an elegant dress. Choose a thin belt and not very rough, but not fabric.

Belt plus shawl

Belts look very good in combination with a scarf, it is better to choose satin scarves.First, you fasten a scarf to your waist, wrapping your waist bends with it, and fix the scarf from above with a thin leather strap. Also, to complement your decoration, you can wind a small and not long strap on your arm instead of a bracelet. It is very stylish and suitable for everyday practical wardrobe.

How beautiful to tie a belt? Also, you can not thread a belt into the grooves of your trousers, but a scarf, so you will give some coquetry to your appearance.

There are a lot of design options for belts, we suggest you follow the link, there are very good options presented to resolve this issue. These options are suitable for both winter and autumn. According to the fashionable versions of belts of past seasons, but despite this, the options presented are relevant now.

Belt on the dress

If you are interested in the question of how to tie a belt on a dress, then you should look at the options of belts presented on this link (more than fifty photos are presented):.

Thin belt

How to tie a thin belt? In the previous links we presented you some options for the design of a thin belt. The most important thing is not to over-pull the body, so that a thin strap would not “crash” into the body and spoil your appearance. Thin belt is much easier to make than a wider one.So we are sure that your experiments with fastening belts in various ways will be crowned with success.