How to tie a bow?

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How to tie a bow?

When creating a beautiful packaging can not do without a properly tied bow. Now I will tell you about several ways how to tie a bow so that your gift turned out to be the most beautiful and best-decorated. We briefly consider four ways to beautifully decorate a gift and give the necessary links for more detailed study.

How to tie a ribbon bow

Consider the classic, so-called "French" version, which is suitable for all beginners who do not know how beautiful it is to tie a bow. This method is called classic because it was probably the very first to be invented. How to tie a French bow? Very simple: remember how you tie your shoelaces. Here the technology is exactly the same. In this case, note that it is best to tie such a bow right away, since after that you will most likely need to take another tape. As a material, you can use a ribbon of taffeta, brocade, nylon, organza, as well as any satin or fabric tape.Do not forget to cook and scissors, because the tape will have to be cut. And now some explanations. If you use double-sided tape, the arrangement of the sides does not matter. But one-sided tape should be placed so that the bottom tape was face up, and the top one - on the contrary, wrong side. A French bow is the perfect way to tie a satin bow. In detail the scheme of tying a French bow with a good description is given.

Flat bow

This type of bow can be called even more simple than the classic one. A strict flat bow is perfect for such decoration of gifts, when you want to give the package a discreet, but at the same time, quite solid look. In addition, for its design you need quite a bit of material. By the way, on the Internet you can meet such a name of a flat bow as “bow-dior”, which, apparently, is derived from the name of a famous company. Note that the "Dior" is performed in the same technique, but not in one, but in two or more layers. For the design of a flat bow, in addition to the tape and scissors, you will also need double-sided tape to “design” lay as it should. Detailed description of the technology.

Bow Ball

This is an excellent way to decorate a gift, but before you make it, it is better to practice on simpler options - classic and flat. Bow-ball is perfectly made of polypropylene tapes of different density. To make it, you will need a wide and narrow tape, scissors, as well as glue or double-sided tape in order to attach the finished bow to the gift. described in detail how to make a bow-ball (of course, with illustrations). Pay attention to the amount of material, since a certain amount will require a certain amount of tape. So, for a ball with a diameter of about 12 cm, you will need at least 3 meters of tape.


As for the bow in the form of a rose, both polypropylene synthetic ribbons and cloth ribbons are suitable for its manufacture. Some make a bow-rose, even from such materials as, for example, mesh, burlap, organza, film, and even sisal and crepe paper. In addition to ribbons and scissors, also prepare thin wire or cord to make the base of the bud. Regarding the consumption of material, you can bring the following figures: on the bow-rose with a diameter of 5 cm you will need 50-55 cm of tape.Well, a detailed "manufacturing technology" of such roses you will find. The method is quite complicated, but from such a gift would be delighted, probably, any woman.