How to tie a coat?

Knitted things are always a trend for the cold season, it is always relevant and fashionable. Of course, you can buy a knitted sweater or cardigan in the store. But it is better, nevertheless, to try to do such a thing with your own hands. After all, only then will you be sure of its uniqueness. Options for how to tie a coat, a great many and quite difficult to choose a suitable option. It is especially difficult to choose a suitable style and model for a child, since There are even more interesting coat options for girls.

Knitted coat for women

Better if you know how to knit a coat. But if you do it for the first time, then the instruction is enough fasting and you will easily figure it out. It is better to start knitting a coat of simple cut and short in length, so it will be easier for you. And it is better to knit such a coat on the needles, since they are in every home.

  • You will need wool or yarn weighing 800 or 900g. You can choose any color at your discretion. If you knit a coat with needles, you must first prepare the needles. For this fit the needles number 9 and number 10.5.
  • First, the back is knitted.To do this, use the spokes number 9 to collect 40 loops and knit 16 rows with an elastic band. Then you need to take the needles number 10 and tie the 14 rows of the front surface. Starting from the 15th row, you need to start making reductions and repeating the reductions in total 9 times. Starting from the tenth row of reductions, you need to tie an extra 3 rows, then knit another 20 loops.
  • Next, the left part of the front of the product is knitted. For this you need to dial on the needles No. 9 16 loops and knit 16 rows with an elastic band. Then with the needles No. 10, 14 rows are fastened by the front satin stitch, and, starting from the 15th row, the reductions are made similarly to the reductions on the back. After mating the last row of knots, you need to knit 3 rows, then knit 8 loops. You need to dial on the spokes number 9 on the flat side 47 loops for the strap and tie up 1 purl row with face loops. Then knit 12 rows of elastic and close the loop.
  • The right part of the front of the product fits symmetrically and similarly to the left. If the product includes buttons, then you need to make several holes for buttons in the strap.
  • The sleeves are knitted with knitting needles No. 9. On them, type 53 loops and knit 16 rows with an elastic band. After, you need to go to the spokes number 10 and, starting with the third row, to make a decrease in each second row.And it needs to be done 20 times. Then knit the last 13 loops. The second sleeve is knitted in the same way.
  • Parts must be tensioned to assemble the product. It is necessary to knit with needles number 10 8 loops from the top edge in the right plank. After knit 5 pending loops face. And the last loop to knit together with the first loop of the sleeve. Next, knit all the loops, knit the last loop from the first loop of the back, then connect the parts and knit 8 loops from the edge in the left plank in front.
  • The last knit collar. It fit with an elastic band. In the fifth row, knit all the loops together, and the second row knit the purl loops so that 51 loops come out. After 3 rows of needles number 9 when tying the height of the collar in 16 rows, close all the loops.

Coat for girl

To tie a coat for a girl is easier because of the size of the product. The smaller the child is, the smaller the coat will be. This significantly reduces your elapsed time.

  • First you need to take the thread or yarn weighing 400g. It is better that the colors are bright and saturated.
  • Also, if you are thinking about how to knit a baby coat with knitting needles, then the needles number 3.5 are best suited for this.
  • First, the back is knitted.To do this, you need to knit a pattern on medium 12 rapport. To process the armholes, it is necessary to close 4 loops on each side in each second row. After 29 cm from the edge of the set for processing the neckline, you need to close the middle 34 loops and knit both halves of the backrest separately. To process the bevel of the neck, 4 loops on the inside should be closed. The last shoulder loop must be closed after 32 cm from the edge of the set in the same row. The other half of the back is knitted symmetrically.
  • After the left shelf is knitted. The armholes are processed in the same way as the back. After 24 cm from the edge of the set for processing the neckline, you need to close 8 loops in each second row. The last shoulder loop must be closed after 32 cm from the edge of the set.
  • The right shelf fits symmetrically to the left shelf. On the plank you must perform an additional 4 loops.
  • The sleeves must be knitted from the armhole. Then shoulder seams are carried out. Type 10 loops in such a way that the shoulder seam is in the center of the gathered loops. The kit should start from the front of the coat. Rotate the product and then tie a row of purl loops. At the end of this series you need to get another 2 loops.

Thus, knit to the end of the armhole, and get in each row for 2 more loops. Additional loops need knit garter stitch. From the armhole, the sleeve is knitted in a flat cloth or by performing a subtraction. In this case, for bevel sleeves, 6 loops on each side of the sleeve must be reduced. At the end of the sleeve, you must tie a 4cm rubber band.

The collar is last. At the edge of the neckline, type loops and knit them with garter stitch, making additions every 15 loops. The collar can be knit any height.