How to tie a poncho?

To knit a poncho with a jacquard pattern, you need: two types of circular knitting needles - № 4, № 4,5; 300 g burgundy yarn, 150 g white and 100 g terracotta, 150 g beige and the same gray-brown (150 m / 50 g).


Gum knit: 1 x 1. Pattern "front surface" knit in a circle. Thus, all the loops in all rows are knitted with facial ones. The "garter stitch" pattern is knitted in a circle. Thus, you need one row to knit all the facial loops, and the second row - purl loops.

Pattern "checkered". Before knitting a poncho, try knitting this pattern on a small number of loops. Since it fits in according to the scheme, it is necessary to follow all the instructions exactly. Otherwise, the pattern will not work the way it should be. For a checkered pattern, the number of loops should be a multiple of the number "4". The diagram shows all the circular rows, because this pattern must be knitted in a circle. Run the circuit from the first to the eighth round once, repeating the loops of the rapport.

Pattern "Jacquard border 1". On the counting circuit (1) of this pattern, only odd rows are indicated. We knit in a circle, on the number of loops, multiples of the number "7", with the front satin stitch, in accordance with the Norwegian technique - a non-working thread is freely pulled along the inside of the product.If the thread is stretched, the appearance of the poncho will not be attractive. All even circles are knitted with a thread of the color with which the corresponding loops were knitted in the front row. Run according to the scheme once from the first to the tenth circular row.

Pattern "Jacquard border 2". It is knit on the number of loops, a multiple of the number "16", similar to the jacquard border 1, in accordance with the counting scheme 2. This scheme shows not only even, but also odd rows, so be extremely careful when tying the pattern. Perform knitting from the first to the twelfth row, repeating the loops of rapport. Poncho knits in circular rows, as a single canvas, so no stitches are provided in it.

Alternating patterns

To determine how to knit a poncho with knitting needles using the above schemes, it is necessary to study the alternation of patterns. Note that each individual color section is knitted from a separate ball or skein of thread. The above color range of yarn required for ponchos, but you can take the yarn of those colors that will be organically combined, and at the same time, you like.

Your poncho will be ready when you knit a total of 174 circles. Patterns are arranged in the following sequence:

  • * we knit 2 white garter circles with a white thread, then 8 circles of the checkered pattern, 2 garter stitch circles;
  • 10 circles of pattern "Jacquard border 1", white color 2 circles of garter;
  • burgundy yarn 2 circle front surface, then a white thread 2 circle garter stitch;
  • beige yarn knit 8 circles with a pattern "checkered", then with a gray-brown yarn 2 circles with garter stitch and white thread 2 circles of the front surface;
  • gray-brown yarn 2 circle garter stitch, then burgundy yarn 2 circle garter stitch;
  • pattern "Jacquard Border 2" knit 12 circles, continue the work of burgundy thread - you need to connect 2 circle garter viscous. *
  • From * to * - repeat the process 2 times.

Description of work

We begin the work of burgundy yarn with a set of loops with the needles No. 4. By the way, if you are interested in how to knit a poncho for a girl, this model is perfect for a little fashionista. Only it is necessary to gain loops less (calculate the number of loops, in accordance with the circumference of the child’s neck). Knit a 20 cm elastic band - this will be a golf collar. If you knit in this pattern poncho for a child, then the number of rows of gum should be reduced.

Go to the spokes number 4.5 and continue to work, in accordance with the above-described alternation of patterns. In order for the poncho to expand to the bottom, add 8 loops on the first lap after the elastic - we knit 21 loops with facial loops, then we do a nakid, 1 facial (this loop should be marked with a contrast thread), then wrap it up. Repeat rapport 3 more times. In the next round, those loops that we marked with a contrast thread should be knitted with facial ones, then we continue knitting in accordance with the pattern, including the nakida.

On each second lap, we add 8 loops, performing one naquid on each side of each marked loop (there are 4 of them). In each row, the marked loops are knitted only with facial ones. If you understand how to knit a poncho, then after 45 laps from the beginning of the main knitting you should have 272 loops on the needles. Tying a border of 2, the addition is done only on its first lap, but not in the others. In the same way we knit all the other jacquard patterns. Knitting 174 circle, you should have 600 loops on the needles.

The end of the knitting will be 2 circles connected by white yarn. Loops to close, and then bind to each second loop the edges of the brush of burgundy yarn.