How to treat a cold

Treatment of the disease

The basic rule is not to interfere with your body. He perfectly knows how to cope with an acute respiratory illness. Of course, lack of appetite, runny nose, cough and fever are dubious pleasure, but it is with their help that the body fights ARD. That is why, having caught a cold, you should not:
- drink drugs that suppress cough;
- take vasoconstrictor drops against the common cold;
- churn the temperature if it has not risen above 38 ° C.
With a natural increase in body temperature, the human body produces interferon - a protein that is useful in combating both viruses and various bacteria. When churning temperature interferon drugs produced a small amount. Thus, the course of the disease is delayed for a longer period.
To safely reduce body temperature, you need to drink more fluids.The quality of the drinks is perfect: a variety of fruit drinks and fruit drinks, decoctions of herbs and ordinary water. The main condition: they should not be too hot or cold. Raspberry decoction has the best diaphoretic effect. Natural honey is also good, especially fake. Cranberry juice has an excellent antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
It should be noted that the body temperature decreases naturally and when warming inhaled air. It is necessary to ensure that the patient’s room is always fresh and cool. If the fever does not subside during the day, take a paracetamol pill.

Cough and cold

If during the examination the doctor did not prescribe cough remedies, in any case, do not take them. As a rule, with a dry cough at the onset of the disease, licorice syrup, Pectusin, which dilute sputum and mucolytics, increasing its quantity, are most effective. After it became more moist - expectorant drugs: Ambrobene, Bromhexin, Mukaltin. Also do not forget to drink more fluids.
For the treatment of cough can also help proven folk remedies.For example, you can make a special mixture. To do this, mix the grated black radish and a small amount of natural honey. After 2-3 hours cough remedy is ready.
Also, with a strong dry cough, you can drink sweetened onion juice. Take this tool for 2-3 tablespoons per day. No less useful when dry cough warm milk mixed with carrot juice in a 1: 1 ratio.