How to treat diabetes

You will need
  • - diet;
  • - moderate exercise;
  • - the broths reducing sugar level;
  • - pharmaceuticals.
Insulin is divided into a short-acting drug that needs to be injected subcutaneously, its effect lasts 6-8 hours. Insulin of average duration can be administered under the skin or intramuscularly, the drug acts from 14 to 18 hours, the effect of long-acting insulin lasts 30 hours.
Endocrinologist develops an individual injection scheme for each patient. The most commonly prescribed drug is a short-acting before each meal and a long or medium action before bedtime.
Daily it is necessary to measure the blood sugar level at home with a glucometer. With sufficient compensationdiabetessugar level should be within 4-8 mmol.
With type 2diabetesprescribe drugs to eliminate insulin resistance. For treatmentdiabetes2 types are widely used biguanides from the group of metformin.This drug effectively eliminates the increase in fasting glucose, it allows you to effectively control the level of sugar, since in type 2 diabetes, the highest glucose level is observed in the morning and night hours. The doctor selects the dose of the drug and the dosage regimen individually for each patient.
They may also prescribe thiazolidinediones (glitazones) or rosiglitazone and pioglitazone, which are taken once a day in the morning. By drugs stimulating insulin production are glinida.
With any typediabetesprescribed a diet with a low content of carbohydrates and fats of animal origin. In the diet should prevail vegetable fats, soybean, cottage cheese, oatmeal.
All patients are assigned moderate exercise, in which the body is intensely burning carbohydrates and fats.
In addition to the main therapy, you can use a decoction of lingonberries, blueberries, walnut leaves, oats, bean pods, strawberries and chicory tincture. The use of traditional methods of treatment without primary therapy is contraindicated.