How to treat diarrhea

You will need
  • - drugs for diarrhea;
  • - plenty of drink.
Take medication to help stop diarrhea. Suitable "Smekta", "Loperamide", "Regidron" or similar. Follow the instructions that came with the drug. If you are poisoned by substandard products, take activated charcoal and Pancreatin or Mezim. Also, do not interfere with "Allohol" or "Kars", if you feel the heaviness in the right side. Beforehand consult with a specialist.
During the treatment of diarrhea, it is important to drink enough liquid - about 3 liters per day, and more. Best suited unsweetened black or green tea, mineral or boiled water. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, including beer.
Follow a simple diet. Drink unsweetened jelly, eat ground soups without meat, boiled rice with a small amount of salt, spices and a drop of oil. For a while refuse fat products.If you feel completely unwell, drink tea with dryers or a cracker. For 3-4 days add to the diet boiled fish or chicken, steamed.