How to treat dry corns at home

Most often, those who have corns, choose for their treatment means, which provides for the use of prunes. First you need to take 500 ml of milk and boil it. Next, add a few pieces of prunes and aged over low heat for 3 minutes. Then the composition is slightly cooled, dried fruits are pulled out of it, and then the legs get steamed in it.
After which prunes are applied to dry calluses and carefully bandaged. Already in the morning you will notice a positive result. Dry corns soften, so you can easily remove them with pumice. Then apply a moisturizer on your feet.

Tea tree oil from dry corns

Another effective folk remedy involves the use of tea tree oil, as well as some other ingredients. First, take 1 teaspoon of grated black radish and mix with the same portion of honey.Next, boil water, pour it into a basin and add 5-7 drops of tea tree oil.
In this solution, you need to hold your feet for 10 minutes, then wipe dry and apply a wrap of honey and radish on the calluses. It is recommended to do at night. In the morning you can already remove the corns. Be sure to then treat the skin with an antibacterial agent or ointment.

Soda for getting rid of dry corns

Boil 1 liter of water and add 1 teaspoon of soda. Make a hot foot bath out of this solution. The duration of the procedure should be about 10-15 minutes. Next, the legs must be wiped off and pasted on dry calluses plasters, in which you first need to cut small holes, pour 3 ml of the resin of fir into them. Then all this is covered with another layer of plaster. It will take several such procedures to permanently get rid of dry corns. But spend them regularly so that the result will come as soon as possible.
Another recipe with soda also provides a hot foot bath. It will need to do this: for 1 liter of water is taken 3 tsp of soda and 1 tbsp. spoon crushed soap.In this composition, the legs must be kept for 40 minutes. Then you need to take a pumice stone and scrape off the corns. After that, you need to make another bath, but with the use of salt and potassium permanganate (1: 1 ratio). After completing this procedure, be sure to apply a nourishing cream on your feet and put on warm socks.