How to treat the foot?

The legs, in the process of human life, are doing a tremendous job. Thanks to him, we stand and walk from early childhood to late age. But it happens that the feet fall ill, and then we experience pain and discomfort, an established way of life can falter. In order to avoid big problems, it is important to follow all the rules of hygiene and prevention of foot diseases. But if you still mowed the disease, then it will be very important for you to know how to treat the foot at home and when it is worth asking for help from a doctor. The most common diseases affecting the feet are fungus, arthritis and arthrosis, as well as sprain. Consider how to cure each of them at home.

Fungus and its treatment

Foot fungus - a very common disease that delivers a person a lot of trouble. He is accompanied by itching, blisters, deformation of nails, hardening and cracks in the feet and especially on the heels. In advanced cases, pain and redness of the legs appear. The fungus should be treated when the first signs appear, the advanced disease is much more difficult to treat.At the same time, an integrated approach and strict compliance with the rules of hygienic foot care are very important:

  • Feet should be washed regularly.
  • After each wash you need to change socks.
  • Always use personal slippers

Let's talk about how to treat foot fungus folk remedies so that the treatment was effective.

  • Steam your feet in water with vinegar in such proportion that the water tastes sour, three times a day. Wipe your feet after the procedure is not necessary, let them dry themselves. After drying, lubricate the areas affected by the fungus with a moisturizing ointment.
  • Mix the crushed mint leaves and salt. Lay the mixture between your toes, put on your socks. Repeat the procedure until the fungus disappears.
  • Useful foot bath of red elderberry decoction. 2 tablespoons of dried elderberry root should be poured over with 1 liter of boiling water and boiled for 10 minutes. The bath should last 15 minutes, they should be done daily. After the bath does not need to rinse and wipe your feet.
  • Make baths with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. After the foot bath you need to lubricate with a mixture of 20 g of propolis, diluted in 20 ml of alcohol, top with a bandage and leave on the foot for 2 days.After this time, a new bandage is applied with this mixture.
  • Prepare a mixture of equal parts of tea tree, lavender, lemon grass, birch and geranium oils. 4-5 drops of this mixture dissolve any vegetable oil and rub into the foot massage movements. This mixture will relieve itching, soften the skin and help to overcome the fungus.

Remember, if a few days of treatment at home do not give a visible effect, you should definitely contact a dermatologist who will tell you how to treat your feet in your particular case, and what medicines you will need to apply.

Arthrosis and its treatment

Arthrosis of the foot is a very common disease associated with excessive stress on the joints of the foot. The cause of osteoarthritis can be anything: from wearing tight shoes to walking for a long time. Also, the push to the development of arthrosis is often caused by injuries, excessive hypothermia of the legs and overweight. Consider how to treat arthrosis of the foot:

  • First, you need to reduce the physical load on your feet and eliminate wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes with a moderate heel not exceeding 3-4 cm in height. And the best solution would be to buy orthopedic shoes or insoles in the usual.
  • Be sure to visit a general practitioner who will prescribe painkillers for you. You can also use painkillers and anti-inflammatory ointments.
  • From traditional medicine can be recommended baths and lotions with eucalyptus grass and warming compresses of alcohol or a mixture of honey and salt. Compresses are best done at night.
  • If you suffer from overweight and osteoarthritis, you need to go on a diet and exercise therapy. The following changes should be made to the diet: reduce the amount of fat, smoked and alcohol and add fruits, vegetables and greens.

Stretching and its treatment

Sprain of the foot is accompanied by tearing of the ligaments that support the joint, it happens almost more often than all other diseases of the feet. It is promoted by carelessness when playing sports, wearing uncomfortable shoes and high heels. The disease manifests itself in the appearance of edema around the stretched muscle and severe pain. Especially important when stretching the correct first aid. Talk about how to treat arthrosis of the foot:

  • For any stretching of the foot, you should consult a doctor to make an x-ray and make sure that a bone fracture is excluded. Independently treat only with mild to moderate stretching of the foot.
  • Feet should be ensured rest: expose the foot, the foot should be placed higher and attach ice to the edema. It is advisable to impose a splint or fix the ankle with an elastic bandage “figure eight”. Do not walk and once again do not move your foot.
  • In the treatment of stretching, ultrasound, painkillers and anti-inflammatories and stretching ointments, such as Troxevasin, Indovazin, Diclofenac, Fastum-gel, are used. The ointment should be applied three times a day, avoiding damaged skin, for 1-2 weeks. After applying the ointment, the foot must be fixed with an elastic bandage.
  • During the first 2 days, ice should be applied to the foot for 20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Starting from the third day, massage the foot and do alcohol compresses.

Arthritis and its treatment

Arthritis is otherwise called joint inflammation, it is manifested in pains wandering along the bone during movement of the affected joint. The joints of the hands and fingers, feet, elbows and knees are especially susceptible to it. Running arthritis is fraught with cartilage degradation and even joint deformity. That is why the treatment of arthritis with the feet is especially dangerous, as the feet have a significant load when walking. Let's find out how to treat foot arthritis.

  • If you notice signs of arthritis, immediately consult a general practitioner, surgeon or rheumatologist to make a correct diagnosis. Arthritis can be caused by various causes (infection, allergies or degenerative processes in the articular tissue), respectively, the treatment of arthritis of different nature will be different.
  • Infectious arthritis is treated with a course of antibiotics, which must be selected by a doctor. Additionally, an anti-inflammatory cream or ointment is prescribed, for example, Diclofenac-gel and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Diclofenac, Piroxicam, or the more benign Movalis in the form of tablets or injections.
  • The main treatment for arthritis is drugs that have a chondroprotective effect. They allow you to restore cartilage tissue with mild arthritis or to stop its destruction in severe cases. The following drugs are used more often than others: “Struktum”, “Arthron Hondrex” and “Teraflex”. Courses of taking these drugs should be repeated every six months.
  • Accelerate and help the treatment of arthritis of the foot massage, exercise therapy, magnetic therapy, mud therapy, therapeutic diet with a high content of vitamin E and antioxidants, ultrasound therapy

In this article we addressed the issue of how to treat pain in the foot of a different nature. As a conclusion, I would like to wish your feet good health, lightness and strength.