How to treat hematoma

As soon as you hit, apply a cold compress to the hurt place. This should be done as soon as possible, until a hematoma has appeared, then it will be meaningless. The cold will not let go of blood in the subcutaneous layer. So you can either avoid the appearance of a hematoma or reduce its size, which, you see, is not bad either.
After the complete disappearance of redness and swelling, apply a warm compress to the hematoma. A hot water bottle or even a regular plastic bottle filled with hot water will do. Keep warm for about 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-6 times a day. The more often, the faster the bruise will come down.
If the bruise is large and very dark, then use the help of ordinary mustard plaster. Apply a compress for 10-15 minutes several times a day. After 2 days, you will notice a significant result, the hematoma will acquire only slightly noticeable outlines, and soon it will completely disappear.
Make an iodine grid.Do not worry that the skin will remain brown spots, no, iodine is very quickly absorbed and well helps to get rid of bruises.
Take folic acid and vitamin K. Well, now you just have to wait. Get rid of the bruise in a few hours will not work, because the blood must be absorbed takes some time, about 2-4 days, and in some cases more. If you need to go somewhere, and the bruise is in the most prominent place, just disguise it with a corrector or foundation.