How to treat the neck?

Often the neck is a particularly vulnerable place for injuries and other diseases in the human body. On this occasion, both men and women turn to the doctor, and at any age. As you know, this pain syndrome occurs for various reasons. So, how to treat the neck depending on the disease?

The main causes of neck pain

  • Osteochondrosis. The pain can be felt simultaneously in the neck, neck and arm.
  • Osteoarthritis. In addition to pain in the neck, the patient may complain of numbness in the hands.
  • Pain in the muscles of the neck. Such pain often occurs when a person has blown.
  • Stretching the muscles of the neck. The symptom is a sharp and aching pain in the neck.
  • The displacement of the vertebrae. A person complains of severe pain in the neck and headache.
  • Pinching the nerves of the neck. There is tension in the muscles of the neck and pain.
  • Myositis. Symptoms: aching pain of the neck, head and shoulder girdle.
  • Cardiac ischemia. The pain is localized in the anterior region of the neck.
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes. Pulling pain felt when turning the neck.

Which doctor to contact

First of all, you should visit the therapist to determine why the neck hurts.And only after that he will direct you to the appropriate specialist. What doctors help with neck pains:

  • Therapist
  • Traumatologist
  • Neurologist
  • Cardiologist
  • ENT doctor

How to treat a neck with osteochondrosis

Improper posture, sedentary lifestyle, carrying weights, injuries, hypothermia, scoliosis - all this can be the cause of osteochondrosis. Therefore, after the treatment of the disease do not repeat the same mistakes.

Osteochondrosis: necessary activities

  • Go to bed correctly. Sit on the edge of the bed, keep your head and back strictly straight. Very slowly and gently lie on your side, lie down for a while.
  • Keep your spine warm. You can use warming ointment, which the doctor prescribes.
  • If the nerve endings are compressed, the doctor will prescribe anticonvulsant medications for pain relief.
  • Treatment is always accompanied by either massage, or exercise, or physiotherapy. Take a look. In the acute form of the disease should not apply the exercises.

Blew neck how to treat

Warning: self-medication is dangerous! Seek advice from the therapist so that he identifies the cause of the pain and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Folk methods

  • Heat a bag of salt in a pan. Apply to the sore spot.
  • Fold the gauze in three layers, moisten with vodka and place on the neck. Cover with a plastic bag and cover with a woolen scarf.
  • An ordinary hot water bottle will also help.
  • Sit only on solid chairs.
  • Do not make sudden movements. Provide rest.

Traditional medicine

  • Ointments will come to the rescue: Kapsikam, Finalgon, Menavozin and others. Look for drugs like ibuprofen.
  • Any pain reliever, for example, Nurofen or Tempalgin.

How to treat lymph nodes in the neck

As a rule, the treatment here is the elimination of the cause of the appearance of lymph nodes. If the infection is the cause, then the doctor prescribes antibiotics. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy is prescribed for cancer.

To alleviate the condition using traditional medicine. Every morning, take a tablespoon of fresh aloe juice. Gargle 3 times a day from a decoction of mint, chamomile, calendula.

Assistance with stretching the neck muscles

In case of neck injuries it is necessary to reduce the load. For this impose collar tire. Therapeutic exercise is appointed after removing the tire. Also recommend massage and physiotherapy.Please note that heat should not be applied to the site of pain, as in the case of the inflammatory process the situation will worsen. We advise you to carry out all the prescriptions of the doctor, because you cannot do without complex treatment.

First aid for neck pinching

Constricted nerve, sore neck? How to treat this disease? Give first aid to the patient. Place it on a hard, flat surface, as long as the posture is comfortable to the person. Give any pain reliever and sedative. Open the window and free your breasts from clothes. Call an ambulance.

The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment: physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, drugs.