How to turn on the sound in the game

Make sure that there are no problems with the system. If the sound is not played not only inthe game, but also in Windows, install the necessary software. First of all - all audio drivers that came bundled with your sound card on a separate DVD (if there was no disc, download the one you need from the Internet). If the sound is played but the media files do not open, install the K-lite Codec Pack. It will solve all compatibility issues with most file formats.
Open the game disk. It usually stores not only the necessary files, but also redistributives: a set of programs for the correct operation of the game. Make sure you have installed all of them. Even if it seems to you that you have the software of such a version (for example, DirectX), then it will not be superfluous to run the installer, it will check if the product is already installed.
Check system requirements. It often happens that a modern sound card is incompatible with an outdated game. This problem can be solved by installing the latest updates and patches.Refer to the technical support forum, for sure the desired program has already been developed.
Install the licensed version of the game. Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of “repacks” for various projects from which “additional materials” are removed. In practice, the user gets the game with cropped splash screens, and often - damaged sound files. You can solve the problem by downloading the full version of the product.
Several playback devices can be connected to your PC at the same time (for example, headphones and speakers). The settings set in Windows (the speakers are the main speaker) may not be recognized by the game, and the sound will erroneously be transferred to another output.
Check the sound settings inthe game. If you launch the product for the first time, then there is a possibility that for some reason the minimum possible values ​​are set in the “Options” -> “Sound” menu.