How to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop?

Oksana Rud
Oksana Rud
April 24, 2013
How to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop?

People who buy a laptop or netbook, often face the problem of how to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop? In principle, this problem is fairly easy to handle. We will try to tell you in an accessible form how to do this. By and large, you have enough a couple of clicks on the mouse button.

Wi-Fi is not a direct access to the Internet, because, as it is listed as a wireless connection between two devices, for example, take a laptop and a router. To enter the Internet, you need to connect to the router via Wi-Fi, then the router will open your way to the Internet.

Consider the option when you set up a router, but there is no possibility to access the Internet, in this case you need to figure out the connection.

Look, on the quick launch bar, located near the clock, there is a Wi-Fi symbol.

Wi-Fi connection: Step 1

It is necessary to click on it and see if there are any necessary connections. Remember that you will need to enter a password. But, there are cases, for example, if you are in a cafe or in a public place, there may not be a Wi-Fi password, then click Connect and connect.

Wi-Fi connection: Step 2

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection icon, do not worry, you just need to click the network icon, where the link will be the Network and Sharing Center link:

Wi-Fi connection: Step 3

On the left side of the window that opens, click on "Change adapter settings".

Wi-Fi connection: Step 4

Then look at the state of your “Wireless Network Connection”:

Wi-Fi connection: Step 5

In the case of its disconnection, you press the right mouse button on the connection, thereby selecting it. Then make a choice of the item you need from the menu that appears.

Wi-Fi connection: Step 6

There is another way. In this case, you need to click on the Wi-Fi icon. A window will open in which you need to select an access point, and then click "Connect". So, if your access point has password protection, then you will need to enter it in the window that appears.

When the access point does not have password protection, then you have the opportunity to connect immediately.