How to use artmani?

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How to use artmani?

Before you figure out how to use the program artmani (ArtMoney), briefly highlight the purpose of this program, its main functions and just see what it is.

Artmani: the essence of the program

The program ArtMoney is a computer program with closed source code. The main function of the program in editing various numerical parameters of computer games, that is, getting infinite cartridges, money, lives, etc.

Warning for fans of online and online games. The data of these games are stored on the server, and the artmani program gives access to change only the data stored on the user's local computer.

Artmani: principle of operation

The principle of the program is for the most part the same as that of other programs in this category, plus artmani has a simpler interface than, for example, the chet engine.

The program works in two ways:

  1. Search by file. There is a configuration file in which the game stores user data. The user works with this file.
  2. Search in the game process memory. In a special window of the program, the user is looking for the necessary process - that is, his own running game.

Now directly on how to use artmani.

It is clear that the downloaded program must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Run the program.

  1. Then start the game and roll it up.
  2. In the program artmani in a special window, select the process (our game).
  3. Next, click "search", and in the field "values" enter the numeric data that you want to change. The value of this should be equal to what you are seeing at the moment. For example, you want to increase money. Now you have the value of money is 1000. Therefore, we enter in the "values" of 1000 and click "OK".
  4. We go into the game and change the value of the parameter (we have money from the example), that is, we spend money or earn money. The main thing is to change the numerical value. Remember it (say 800).
  5. Roll up the game. In the program artmani click "weed out". And then enter in the "value" a new amount of money, the one you changed (earned or spent), i.e. 800 from an example. Click "OK".
  6. We search for those cells where the value has changed from 1000 to 800. In these cells, enter the required amount of money.If there are too many cells, simply repeat steps 4, 5.
  7. We return to the game and run to spend money on what you want.

If you are not fully understood how to use artmani, video tutorials can help you. Search them on the Internet.